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  • telecom inverter
    telecom inverter
    Capacity: 1KVA-15KVA Inverter Features: N+X redundant parallel technology; Direct use of the original DC system; Realize Online design through Relay + SCR compensation; AC and DC dual circuit input structure. Description: XMI Series 48Vdc Inverter for Telecommunication is a new generation of dual-input inverter solution designed by Evada for communication applications, which is suitable for the high-reliability power supply requirements of communication systems. This solution is equipped with a 220V AC power supply and a 48V DC power supply, which can flexibly set the priority of the input main power supply according to the application scenario. Use the communication station -48Vdc power supply system, share the storage battery, and output 220Vac sine wave power supply.
  • lithium battery UPS
    lithium battery UPS
    1KVA-15KVA Integrated UPS for Telecom
    Capacity: 1KVA-15KVA Inverter Features: AC 220V/DC 48V output; 3KVA module maximum 5 units in parallel; Compatible with LiFePO4 and lead-acid battery Description: XMI-HR Series is Intelligent AC and DC integrated power supply with 48Vdc. It is a standard 19-inch 1U rack-mounted product. When the mains power is normal, it directly supplies power to the load from the bypass. When the mains power is abnormal, the device switches to inverter mode and the inverter outputs 220V sine wave AC to the load. It includes a rectifier module to charge the battery pack, a low voltage protection device, and can output 48Vdc power at the same time to meet the various needs of users.

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