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  • Vertiv data center
    Vertiv data center
    Couldz Size-X3 Data Center solution
    Product name: X3 Modular Data Center Solution Cabinet Number: Double Row Design:≤48 Single Row Design:≤24 Cabinet Size: 600*1100*2000mm/cabinet or 800*1200*2200mm/cabinet UPS Capacity:20~300kVA Refrigeration Capacity: 25/40kW(air cooling) or 35/65kW(water cooling) PDU: 16~630A Monitoring Display: 17 inch Touch Screen Product Introduction: X3 intelligent micro module is a new generation of modular data center products. It is committed to providing users with simple, reliable and efficient data center solutions. Modular design is adopted to effectively integrate power supply, refrigeration, monitoring, cabinet, channel and wiring system. The products can be rapidly deployed and flexibly expanded, so as to make the data center infrastructure more energy-saving and efficient Intelligent and flexible, significantly improving the reliability and availability of the data center.

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