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  • Evada Dimension "Wei" Series Intelligent Micro Module Series Feb 22, 2023
    In the future, network technology is an important driving force for the digital transformation of various industries. With the application of 5G, Internet of Things, smart city, AI and other technologies into the deep water zone, the business has put forward more stringent requirements on network quality cost, response speed, operation and maintenance management, and the data center industry has e...
  • Data Center Introduction Dec 30, 2022
    The data center is a global collaborative network of specific equipment, which is used to transfer, accelerate, display, calculate and store data information on the Internet infrastructure. Most electronic components in the data center are driven by low DC power. The emergence of data centers has led people's understanding to move from a quantitative and structural world to an uncertain and unstru...
  • A More Resilient Distributed Power System
    A More Resilient Distributed Power System Nov 24, 2022
    When it comes to distributed power systems, it must be "familiar and unfamiliar" to some data center practitioners. This paper puts forward the following 4 points of analysis and thinking on DPS and its innovative application in data centers. 1. DPS and traditional UPS/HVDC are technically connected First of all, it needs to be clear: According to DPS industry standards and data center design...
  • Evada HQ-M Series Modular UPS
    Evada HQ-M Series Modular UPS Nov 07, 2022
    Evada HQ-M Series is a three-input three-output modular UPS. The equipment adopts advanced three-level inverter technology, and the design from the whole machine to the components is more complete. At the same time, the patented parallel technology ensures the reliability of multiple modules in parallel. Bypass modules, power modules, and module terminals are all made of high-strength materials to...
  • Evada DTH33 10~60K UPS Aug 29, 2022
    Evada DTH33 10~60K UPS Application areas: Finance, communication, security, office, computer room, network center, electronic medical equipment and other fields. Adapt to the harsh power grid/oil engine power supply environment, etc. Reliable Industrial-grade enclosed and shelter design: Dustproof, heat dissipation, isolation, independent closed power device:Avoid pin dust and arc short circuit Cl...
  • 5G era | "EVADA" accompanied the development of China's communications" Aug 04, 2022
    MicroStation is needed in 5G Era "4G changes life and 5G changes society". Since the official launch of 5G business in China last year, people are full of expectations for 5G. As we all know, 5G has the advantages of enabling thousands of industries. The three scenarios of 5G(including eMBB, URLLC, and mMTC) are applied in fields such as driverless driving, industrial Internet, distance education,...
  • Difference between industrial ups and commercial UPS Jun 29, 2022
    1.Industrial UPS power supply generally refers to the uninterruptible power supply applied to key equipment in power, petrochemical, metallurgy and other industries. Generally, phase controlled rectifier and high-frequency inverter technology are adopted, and the output is isolated from the mains, bypass and DC, and the mains is isolated from DC. The UPS used in the power market requires that the ...
  • Application Of Ups In Petroleum Industry
    Application Of Ups In Petroleum Industry Jun 02, 2022
    UPS has a wide range of applications and plays an important role in power maintenance, environmental security and data and information transmission guarantee in various application environments. The petroleum industry is extremely complex in terms of the special degree of physical environment, the progressiveness of technology, the scale and volume of information, and the requirements for equipmen...
  • Comprehensive analysis: advantages and disadvantages of modular UPS power supply battery May 19, 2022
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of modular UPS battery? In what areas? Modular UPS power supply is composed of rack, UPS power module, static switch module, display communication module and battery pack. It is generally used in Internet data center, computer room and communication system. ■ advantages of modular UPS power battery: 1. The system structure of modular UPS battery is very fl...
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