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EVADA integrated power supply - a good "partner" of 5g base station Nov 09, 2021

The simplest form of communication base station power supply is the trend of development in the future. From the traditional house to the cabinet, and then to the blade power supply, it can greatly save the floor area and reduce the loss of energy consumption. The integrated power supply of EVADA 5g base station adopts the pole holding installation mode, realizes the simplest deployment through "replacing the cabinet with the pole", provides power guarantee for the roof AUU equipment, and solves the problems such as insufficient site, difficult installation and inconvenient wiring; At the same time, the construction and transformation links are reduced, and the efficient heat dissipation capacity optimizes the carbon emission, providing a reliable power supply guarantee to ensure the full coverage of 5g electrical signals!

Application case: China Telecom 5g base station

5g base station

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