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CCID UPS&MDC Market Research Annual Report: EVADA Maintains Leading Positions Jul 03, 2023

EVADA ranked top 5 domestic UPS brands in China market

EVADA ranked top 5 domestic UPS brands in China market and top 10 manufacturer in the Chinese micro data center market

Over the past year, EVADA's modular UPS, high-frequency UPS, and line-interactive UPS solutions have been widely adopted in industries such as petroleum, chemicals, power, military, telecommunications, government, education, finance, healthcare, transportation and data centers. EVADA has steadily gained market share and made efforts to increase its international presence and cooperation. 


In response to the new requirements and challenges posed by digitalization and new infrastructure projects, EVADA upholds the spirit of continuous innovation, solidifies its research capabilities, grasps market trends, and consistently delivers smarter, more efficient, and greener UPS products to the clients.


With relentless strides and a fearless pursuit of excellence, EVADA has made its debut among the top 10 UPS brands in China.


EVADA UPS Highlights (Partial List):

State Grid Chongqing

The power system of the data center facility of the State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Company underwent an upgrade. In accordance with the requirements, EVADA provided 12 sets of HQ-M500/400kVA modular UPS and 2 sets of HQ-M500/300kVA modular UPS. The HQ-M series UPS features robust load capacity, safety, reliability and energy efficiency that consistently ensures power safety.

EVADA provided modular UPS for State Grid Chongqing

West–East Gas Pipeline II

With an annual gas transmission capacity of 30 billion cubic meters, the project provides a significant amount of clean energy to the eastern region of China. EVADA's HP-T series high-frequency online UPS offers secure and reliable power to over ten stations along the Lunnan-Turpan branch line and the Zhongwei-Guiyang interconnection line.

EVADA provided high frequency UPS for West-East Gas Pipeline Ⅱ

"In 2022, EVADA's micro data center products achieved new growth points and it further upgraded the rapid deployment and flexible expansion of micro modular data center products, making the foundation of modularity, standardization, and prefabrication even more robust.


In terms of market applications, EVADA actively responds to the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" strategy, it collaborated with State Grid Corporation to create a "smart grid" modular data center model project in Heilongjiang, serving as a green and energy-efficient model for the new ways of management at grid Centralized Power Station. And the micro modular and distributed DPS data center solutions have been effectively applied in large-scale IDC green data centers.


EVADA enhanced the features of intelligent busbars, autonomous cooling control (AI+BA), and energy management, obtained relevant service certifications and has improved operational management and provided users with high-quality micro data center products and service, further enhancing the application of EVADA's solutions in the data center field."


——CCID Consulting

EVADA DimensionX3 Series Micro Data Center Solutions

EVADA DimensionX3 Series Micro Data Center Solutions


EVADA's Data Center Solutions Highlights (Partial List):

Heilongjiang Centralized Control Station

Empowering State Grid's centralized control station data centers with digitalization, EVADA provides DimensionX3 series that enables rapid deployment, high efficiency, energy savings, compact space, and flexible scalability. This solution effectively meets the requirements for efficient, reliable and intelligent management of data centers.

EVADA provides DimensionX3 solutions for Heilongjiang Centralized Control Station

Qinghai Lenghu CGN Wind Farm

The DimensionX3 Micro Data Center encompasses UPS systems, power distribution systems, cold aisle containment systems, in-row cooling systems, intelligent monitoring systems, and more. It offers fast deployment, reliable and safe power supply, and intelligent management. Dedicated to the full lifecycle management of data centers, supporting CGN in energy conservation and emission reduction.

EVADA provides DimensionX3 for Qinghai Lenghu CGN Wind Farm

Being among the top 5 domestic UPS brands and the top 10 micro data center vendors in the Chinese market marks a fresh start for EVADA. It signifies that we are one step closer to being a world-beater.


In the future, EVADA will keep racing to the top and advancing in management, service and technology to closely follow the sustainable path, contribute to infrastructure development under the new infrastructure initiative, solidify the foundation of China’s digital development, create value for more clients and partners to pursue the realization of the next brilliant blueprint.

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