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Communication power supply Oct 18, 2021


With the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and other new generation information technology, data presents explosive growth. Communication network is evolving towards 5g network with higher rate, larger connection and lower delay. However, the problem of large power consumption of 5g base station also impacts the traditional backup mode .For the macro station, the large power consumption leads to the increase of the capacity of the backup equipment, the increase of the number and capacity of batteries, the limited space of the old base station building, the difficulty of expansion and transformation; for the new base station building, the cost is high, and there are few places to use; for the micro station, the diversified energy input and output are difficult to coordinate and control; the multi-standard load demand makes the power supply system complicated; the energy equipment is inefficient, and the energy consumption is serious; the power consumption is low; The power supply system is difficult to expand and evolve. Under the impact of these problems, 5g base station power supply with maintenance free, high reliability, diverse installation methods and high IP protection level is one of the best solutions to solve the power supply of base station. Since the 2G era, EVADAhas been the supporting power supply provider of communication equipment. With deep cultivation in the communication industry, EVADA has accumulated profound industry experience. According to the use characteristics of the communication industry, EVADA has developed a full series of base station power products.

Customer value

The rectifier module adopts the full digital bridgeless PFC power factor correction technology, the input power factor reaches 0.99, reducing the pollution to the power grid;

The rectifier module adopts bridgeless PFC, LLC, synchronous rectifier topology, and the efficiency is more than 96%;

The power supply device has a built-in wireless monitoring unit, which can access the mobile monitoring network in the way of 4G or NB-IOT; it can connect the existing mainstream smart phones in the way of wireless or Bluetooth to display the monitoring content;

simple and easy
The interface adopts aviation connector, which has the function of anti fool operation, simple wiring and safe operation. After power on, the equipment will enter the operation state without setting other parameters. If you want to modify the parameters, you only need to operate online by mobile phone or computer;

Strong applicability
With IP65 protection level, it can be used in various harsh environments. At the same time, the lithium battery is equipped with heating film, which can work normally at low temperature - 40 ℃. In addition, the integrated power supply system has passed the 9-level intensity vibration test, which can be used in a good anti vibration environment. At the same time, the input mode is flexible and compatible with AC and DC input;

Easy maintenance
The power supply and battery adopt modular design, and the output port adopts aviation connector docking, which is convenient for expansion and maintenance;

It has comprehensive protection function, alarm function and self- starting function, and can master the operation parameters and status of the power supply in real time through wireless transmission;

Lightning protection design
The input and output have perfect AC and DC lightning protection design, suitable for thunderstorm prone areas;

Perfect battery management
Perfect battery management, with the functions of power on load and low voltage protection (LVLD + LVBD), which can realize the functions of temperature compensation, automatic floating charge control, automatic voltage regulation, battery capacity calculation, online battery test, etc;

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