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With the business philosophy of "relying on scientific and technological innovation, relying on quality, ensuring service and creating brand brilliance", Evada adheres to the corporate mission of making electric energy more reliable and efficient, and is committed to becoming a leader in the field of electric energy conversion. Evada's core values are self-confidence, efficiency, innovation, transcendence, and win-win.

After work, Evada also often organizes many activities to strengthen the training of employees' comprehensive quality.

1. Evada will organize a team outdoor expansion activity every year. The participants are mainly new employees of the company and some employees who volunteer to participate. Although many projects in the activity were very hard, we worked together to overcome one project after another. Through this activity, we understand that we should unite partners, trust partners and overcome difficulties in our work just as we do in outdoor outreach activities.

2. Evada regularly trains employees, and the employees exchange their ideas and learn from each other.

3. Evada holds sports meetings every year, and many projects are in the form of teams. Exercise can also make employees more united.

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