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  • Evada Provides Modular Data Centers for Changsha Rail Transit Line 5 System
    Changsha rail transit line 5 runs from north to south, with a total length of 35km and 26 stations. It was put into trial operation on June 28, 2020   As a leading provider of power protection and system integration solutions for rail transit equipment in China, Avada provides "We D" series modular data center solutions for Changsha rail transit Shuiduhe depot dispatching center, which solves the problems of low space utilization of traditional data machines, low compatibility of subsystems, poor cabinet consistency, high power consumption and high operation cost. Instead, Evada modular data center provides a data center with rapid deployment, high energy efficiency, compact space and flexible expansion, which meets the needs of rail transit for efficient, reliable, fast, flexible and intelligent management of the data center in the cloud era.
  • Dimension series micro module data center helps Hongfa to build an innovative data center
    Hongfa Co., Ltd. is a high-tech electronic device enterprise with the whole industrial chain from product R & D, manufacturing, parts manufacturing to automatic finished product assembly and online testing. The products cover many categories, such as relays, low-voltage electrical appliances, high and low-voltage complete sets of equipment, capacitors, precision parts and automation equipment. As a world-famous relay brand and a leading enterprise in China, Hongfa adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship, creates a brand with quality, and has been committed to the development and progress of the industry. Industrial Development and technology empowerment - in the industrial 3.0 era, big data is a fast track for enterprises to develop rapidly and move towards the industrial 4.0 era. Through the analysis of big data, we can find an accurate positioning and development direction for enterprises' R & D, production and sales. With the continuous growth of business volume of global subsidiaries, Hongfa's business data storage demand is also increasing. In order to meet the growing business storage needs of global subsidiaries, Avida recommended data center solutions that meet the needs of the enterprise after in-depth understanding for many times, and provided a set of upgraded econval-d series micro module data center products. 1、 Reduce comprehensive energy consumption by more than 30% The micro module is equipped with high-efficiency and energy-saving modular UPS, high-efficiency power supply and distribution architecture, close to the heat source refrigeration mode, closed channels to isolate the cold and hot air flow, effectively reduce pue value, save energy consumption by more than 20 ~ 30%, achieve the effect of energy conservation, emission reduction and efficient operation, and reduce operating costs. 2、 Rapid deployment, efficient and reliable Standardized components such as power supply and distribution, refrigeration, cabinet and other subsystems of the micro module data center are prefabricated and pre debugged in the factory, de engineered, delivered as a whole, and plug and play on site, ensuring the rapid launch of Hongfa's business. In the later stage, it can be matched according to business development and expanded rapidly. 3、 Intelligent operation and maintenance to improve efficiency The intelligent dynamic monitoring system can centrally manage the power, environment, security, fire protection and other conditions, and real-time online monitoring can be carried out through a variety of alarm methods such as sound, light and SMS, so as to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency; Realize 7x24 hour comprehensive monitoring and intelligent management, support multi network remote management and fast fault location. Dimension series micro module data center is a new generation of data center infrastructure solution launched by EVADA based on the concept of "making power more reliable and efficient". At present, the "dime...

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