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Empowering Uninterrupted Guardianship: EVADA's High-Frequency Online UPS Systems Ensure Smooth Operations at FISU World University Games 2023 Aug 24, 2023

EVADA's DTH Series UPS powering FISU World University Games 2023

FISU World University Games 2023


Chengdu, August 22, 2023– The FISU World University Games 2023 concluded on August 8th, leaving behind a legacy of global camaraderie and youthful spirit. Athletes from 113 countries gathered in Chengdu to compete, and at the heart of this bustling event was the FISU Games Village. This non-competitive hub played host to 6,500 athletes, offering seamless services and unparalleled support throughout the Games.

EVADA's DTH Series UPS powering FISU World University Games 2023

FISU World University Games 2023 Site Plan


Encompassing residential, operational, international, and transportation areas, the FISU Games Village, situated within the Chengdu University campus, provided essential services such as accommodation, dining, fitness facilities, leisure activities, and cultural exchanges. Central to this experience was the relentless power supply that ensured a secure and comfortable environment for athletes and delegates.


In partnership with EVADA, the FISU Games Village harnessed the innovation of 22 sets of DTH series high-frequency online UPS systems. Designed to accommodate various load capacities, these UPS systems powered critical facilities including student dormitories, cafeterias, medical centers, libraries, sports arenas, and swimming pools, forming a robust and efficient backup power supply network.


DTH Series High-Frequency Online UPS

DTH Series High-Frequency Online UPS

Reliability and Performance:

EVADA's DTH series high-frequency online UPS systems were the backbone of the power supply strategy for the FISU Games Village. These systems showcased remarkable electrical performance, accommodating a wide input voltage range of 110V-300V and a frequency input range of 40-70Hz. Even under challenging conditions, they effortlessly carried 130% of their rated power for up to 10 minutes, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Notably, these UPS systems seamlessly interfaced with generator input, providing stable power during grid fluctuations.


Green and Efficient Operations

Aligned with the sustainable principles of the Games, EVADA's power solutions embodied eco-consciousness. With an output power factor of 1.0 and an ECO mode for economical operation, these UPS systems achieved an impressive efficiency of over 95% at full load. The intelligent fan cooling, coupled with active power factor correction technology (PFC), maintained an output power efficiency of over 99%, minimizing grid pollution.


Smart Monitoring and Management

Ensuring uninterrupted power supply was pivotal to the success of the Games. EVADA's DTH series came equipped with interfaces such as RS232, USB, SNMP, and dry contacts, catering to diverse monitoring and management needs. DTH31 and DTH11 featured an LCD display panel, while the DTH33 boasted a large color touchscreen, offering real-time insights into operational status, load conditions, grid health, battery status, and more.

 EVADA DTH11 Series high frequency UPS powers the FISU Games

EVADA engineers adjusting the UPS system


EVADA's involvement spanned from the Games Village's opening on July 22nd to the culmination of the event, substantiating their reputation for reliable, green, and intelligent power solutions. The partnership doesn't end with the Games – as the FISU Games Village transitions to its role as a campus, EVADA's UPS systems continue to ensure smooth operations, securing the lives of thousands of students.

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With an illustrious track record in major events' power security, including the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2010 Asian Games, 2021 Shaanxi National Games and the 2022 Winter Olympics, EVADA's commitment to innovation and sustainable solutions has positioned them as a stalwart in the industry. The "dual carbon" goals of the modern era have only emboldened EVADA’s pursuit of greener solutions while ensuring unwavering power reliability. This dedication echoes through every event we power and every industry we empower.

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