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EVADA 2020 Commendation Conference held Nov 11, 2021

Due to the impact of the epidemic, EVADA 2020 outstanding recognition was postponed to yesterday. The leaders of the company and more than 200 employees and managers of various departments and subsidiaries attended the commendation meeting.

At the commendation meeting, "excellent employee of the year", "service star", "R & D star", "sales champion", "excellent manager" and "excellent team" appeared on the stage, and the leaders of the company issued the "annual excellent honor certificate" to the excellent representatives respectively.

Wang Yongjun, chairman of the board, made a concluding speech. He reviewed the main tasks in 2020 and summed up the outstanding achievements in every aspect of the year's income, sales, market share and enterprise scale in 2020, scientifically, objectively and accurately, and thanked all the staff for their hard work in 2020. He also pointed out that this year, due to many factors such as COVID-19, energy saving and emission reduction, the inflation rate is very high. With the continuous rise of raw material costs, the company is facing challenges in supply chain, manpower, finance, sales and other aspects. Under the heavy pressure, EVADA has overcome difficulties this year and won the "little giant" enterprise specialized by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the "little giant" enterprise of Science and technology in Fujian Province, and the big achievement-“Top five UPS domestic brand in China”. In the future, pressure and power must coexist.

“I hope we can turn pressure into power, turn crisis into opportunity, meet and overcome difficulties, work tenaciously and achieve steady development.”

"Happiness comes from struggle." let's bear in mind the earnest teachings of Chairman Wang Yongjun. In this era when competitiveness is greater than execution, take "everything is better" as a new starting point, unite as one, work hard with one heart and one mind, and jointly build a more brilliant, brilliant and beautiful "century EVADA".

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