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EVADA "Dimension" Series Honored as Top High-Quality Computing Solution Provider at IDCC2023 Greater Bay Area Awards Aug 01, 2023

EVADA participate the 18th China IDC Industry (Greater Bay Area) Annual Ceremony

The 18th China IDC Industry (Greater Bay Area) Annual Ceremony


13 July 2023-The 18th China IDC Industry (Greater Bay Area) Annual Ceremony, hosted by the China IDC Circle, convened in Shenzhen under the theme "Green Intelligence, Ecological Collaboration." The event spotlighted the development of computing industries, exploring the latest advancements, best practices, and cutting-edge trends in data centers, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

Amidst industry peers, EVADA was invited to participate in the conference, delving into the development of computing industries in the digital economy era, and envisioning a brighter future for Digital China under the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" goal.


The 18th China IDC Industry (Greater Bay Area) Annual Ceremony

The highlight of the event was the IDCC2023 Greater Bay Area IDC Industry Awards, recognizing outstanding enterprises contributing to computing power, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area over the past year.


After fierce competition involving registration, online voting, and expert panel evaluations, EVADA's "Dimension" Series of modular data center products stood out among numerous contenders, winning the prestigious IDCC2023 Greater Bay Area High-Quality Computing Solution Provider Award.


EVADA winning the prestigious IDCC2023 Greater Bay Area High-Quality Computing Solution Provider Award

EVADA Key Account Director, Lan Tianmao went on stage to receive the award (third from the right)

The "Dimension" Series, a culmination of EVADA's years of industry experience and research and development efforts, ensures consistency in design, appearance, interfaces, and protocols. It integrates subsystems such as cabinet systems, channel systems, power distribution systems, cooling systems, and monitoring systems, effectively responding to the demands for efficient, reliable, and intelligent data centers in the age of the cloud.


EVADA "Dimension" Series Data Center Solutions

Its outstanding features, including power-efficient architecture, close coupled cooling, and cold aisle containment systems lower PUE, save 20~30% energy, achieve emissions reduction and high performance. It presents a new data center construction model in the era of "New Infrastructure."


EVADA dimension series data center winning the prestigious IDCC2023 Greater Bay Area High-Quality Computing Solution Provider Award

 EVADA winning the prestigious IDCC2023 Greater Bay Area High-Quality Computing Solution Provider Award

"Dimension" Series Highlights (Partial List)


Heilongjiang Centralized Control Station

Empowering State Grid's centralized control station data centers with digitalization, EVADA provides DimensionX3 series that enables rapid deployment, high efficiency, energy savings, compact space, and flexible scalability. This solution effectively meets the requirements for efficient, reliable and intelligent management of data centers.


State Grid Shaanxi

EVADA provides the "DimensionX3" series dual-row cold aisle modular data center for State Grid Shaanxi. It is specially designed for intelligent modular data centers, integrating subsystems such as power distribution, cooling, cold aisle, monitoring, and cabinets into one. Each subsystem is pre-commissioning and plug-and-play installation, significantly reducing initial installation investment costs. "DimensionX3" micro-modules are highly efficient and flexible while also featuring intelligent monitoring and management functions, enabling unmanned operation and effectively meeting the demands of smart management.


Meitu's New Headquarters

Meitu Company is a technology company with "beauty" as its core and artificial intelligence as its driving force, with a total of 243 million monthly active users. EVADA provides 2 sets of "DimensionX3" dual-row cold aisle and supporting UPS and battery solutions for the data center in Meitu's new headquarters building, Meifeng science and Technology Innovation Park. This one-stop solution effectively solves the deployment challenges of the data center.


During the event, Mr. Chen Wending, Vice President of EVADA, sat down for an exclusive interview with "Digital Craftsman". He shared insights into green intelligence computing amidst the digital transformation wave, and revealed EVADA's future product layout, planning, and the innovative design and efficient low-carbon operational solutions of the "Dimension" Series.


EVADA data center solutions winning the prize

 EVADA VP, Chen Wending interviews with "Digital Craftsman"

As a leading provider of top-quality computing solutions, EVADA pledged to continue its endeavors in the data center field, introducing even higher-quality products and services. The company aims to drive industry transformation and development towards a low-carbon future, empowering the pursuit of the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" goals and ushering in a new era of "Green Intelligence."

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