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Evada “Dimension X3” Modular Data Center in Opera Art Center Dec 02, 2021

Minnan Opera Art Center is a platform for exhibition, acting and creation tailored for the development of Minnan opera art in Xiamen. It is located in the south of Jiageng Art Center in Jimei new city, with a total land area of 8991 square meters and a total construction area of 16700 square meters. The center mainly comprises of theaters (500 opera theaters and 200 experimental theaters) and professional study rooms for opera, etc. The project will be started in October 2019 and the main body will be capped in October 2020. It is planned to be completed in the near future.


Evada's technical team recommended the "dimension X3" intelligent micro module for the project. The product can be rapidly expanded and deployed, making the data center infrastructure more efficient, intelligent and flexible, and significantly improving the reliability and availability of the data center. It satisfies Minnan Opera Art Center for the preservation of pictures, video files and digital ticketing required for the inheritance and inheritance of operas.