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EVADA integrated power supply - a good "partner" of 5g base station Oct 19, 2021
In 2020, COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the world, causing a certain impact on all walks of life. However, the "home economy" which was spawned during the epidemic prevention also accelerated the process of digital transformation in various fields. 5G+ HD video, 5G+ telemedicine, 5G+ intelligent prevention and control began to enter people's lives. At present, 5g's business scenario has been extended to transportation, education, medical treatment, power grid, cultural tourism, factories and other fields. With the further improvement of China's 5g construction, 5g will fully penetrate into more industries.

5g development, base station first. As an important leader of 5g technical standards, China has leading advantages in equipment, network and application. According to the data, in 2020, China will build more than 600000 new 5g base stations, and all of them have opened more than 718000, accounting for more than 70% of the number of global base stations, ranking first in the world.

As the first year of the 14th five year plan, China will also accelerate the optimization and upgrading of information infrastructure and the large-scale deployment of 5g network. 2021 and 2022 will be the peak of 5g base station construction, and the number of new base stations is expected to reach 800000 and 900000 respectively.


As a professional manufacturer of communication power supply, EVADA always pays close attention to the industry dynamics, grasps the market demand, actively responds to the call of "new base station", and provides professional communication base station energy for 5g network coverage construction. In the recent centralized procurement project of outdoor small integrated DC power products tendered by China Mobile Group, EVADA has made outstanding performance and successfully won the bid sections of 2kW and 3KW!

Reliable and efficient products are naturally favored by everyone. The 5g blade power supply independently developed by EVADA has the characteristics of natural heat dissipation, high efficiency and energy saving, rapid deployment and flexible capacity expansion. It supports a variety of installation methods such as wall hanging, pole holding, landing and flag. It has IP65 protection grade and can be applied to various outdoor scenes. The specific characteristics are as follows:

Safe and reliable

■ the shell is made of Al6061, with high strength and toughness; Good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance; The paint baking process is adopted. The surface is polished for many times, then primed, dried, polished and baked at high temperature. After forming, the surface is bright and smooth, with wear resistance, durability, rust prevention and corrosion resistance;

■ sealing rubber rings are added between the upper and lower shells, and the connection terminals of all interfaces are located under the equipment, with good waterproof performance;

■ the interface terminal adopts waterproof connector with protection grade of IP65, which has the functions of anti misconnection, reverse connection, locking, quick plug and waterproof;

■ the shell adopts natural heat dissipation design, IP65 protection grade, reasonable and uniform fin arrangement, scattered deployment of main heating devices, balanced heat dissipation, and normal operation under high temperature;

Rapid deployment

■ all connectors adopt aviation plug-in mode, which can realize rapid power on, power on, capacity expansion and other operations;

■ single person handling and installation of single equipment can be realized through handle, foot pad, limit pendant and other components;

■ the power module and battery module adopt blade design, which is small and easy to operate;
Simple operation and maintenance

■ the power supply equipment is equipped with built-in wireless monitoring unit, SIM card accessories and independent waterproof card slot to avoid seal failure caused by opening the box to install SIM card;

■ the built-in wireless monitoring unit of the power supply equipment can realize the access to the mobile monitoring network in the way of all network connectivity (4G standard); It can connect existing mainstream smart phones wirelessly or Bluetooth to display monitoring content; Read the main operation data of the equipment for local maintenance;

■ in addition to AC, the input can also be connected to DC of 200VDC ~ 400VDC, which is also well applicable as a remote for some DC remote supply scenarios;

Green and efficient

■ AC input power factor reaches 0.999 under full load;

■ the rectifier module adopts bridgeless PFC, LLC and synchronous rectifier topology. The efficiency of power modules 2000W and 3000W is more than 96% (full load) 96.5% (half load);
integrated power supply

Physical drawing of 2kW / 3KW power supply