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EVADA Made Its Debut at the Intersolar Europe Jun 17, 2023

EVADA Made Its Debut at the Intersolar Europe

Messe München, Germany

14-16 June 2023-Intersolar Europe takes place at the Messe München in Germany. EVADA showcased its full range of renewable energy solutions, demonstrating its technological strength and innovation in the renewable energy sector while promoting global decarbonization.

EVADA showcased renewable energy solutions

EVADA showcased its renewable energy solutions

Intersolar Europe is the world's leading exhibition and it’s the largest trade show of the solar industry worldwide. SolarPower Europe launched the Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2023-2027 during the exhibition. The report states that 239 GW of new solar capacity was installed globally in 2022, 27 EU Member States saw 41.4 GW of new solar capacity which is equivalent to a 47% annual growth. As a key participant in the global renewable energy market, EVADA recognizes the importance of solar energy in Europe's energy transition and has introduced the eLite Pro Series and other residential, commercial and industrial energy storage products and solutions to meet the growing energy demand and made its debut at the exhibition.

EVADA eLite Pro Series On&Off Grid Solar System

eLite Pro Series OnOff Grid Solar System

eLite Pro Series OnOff Grid Solar Inverter

The inverter features anti-islanding protection, anti-counter current design and built-in dual loop integrated MPPT charger. The IP65 rating and natural cooling convection makes it suitable for various roof requirements. Battery reverse polarity protection ensures safety and reliability. Advanced BMS allows users to configure charging and discharging times according to their needs. It also supports WIFI monitoring APP for easy monitoring and management.


eLith Block Series Battery

The battery features built-in BMS that enables real-time monitoring of battery information. WIFI monitoring APP and cloud solutions allow users to monitor and manage their systems anytime, anywhere. Over current protection and robust load capacity to meet daily power demand. 6000 cycle life at 80% DOD, it offers long-lasting durability.


DTH11 Series Online High-frequency UPS

DSP digital control technology provides superior performance and stability. The 50/60Hz auto-sensing and ultra-wide input range enable it to adapt to a variety of grid environments. Automatic recovery feature and ECO mode contribute to high efficiency and energy savings, reducing users' expenses. Cold start and mains power start functions ensure startup and operation under various circumstances.

 EVADA made its debut at intersolar europe

EVADA made its debut at the exhibition

With the growing global awareness of environmental protection, renewable energy has become the mainstream industry of the future. EVADA is seizing the opportunity and keeping pace with the trend by continuously introducing high-quality solutions in the renewable energy sector. EVADA will accelerate the international layout, collaborate with partners through innovative technologies and high-quality products, and jointly promote the global transition to sustainable energy.

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