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Evada Provides Modular Data Centers for Changsha Rail Transit Line 5 System Dec 02, 2021

Changsha rail transit line 5 runs from north to south, with a total length of 35km and 26 stations. It was put into trial operation on June 28, 2020


As a leading provider of power protection and system integration solutions for rail transit equipment in China, Avada provides "We D" series modular data center solutions for Changsha rail transit Shuiduhe depot dispatching center, which solves the problems of low space utilization of traditional data machines, low compatibility of subsystems, poor cabinet consistency, high power consumption and high operation cost. Instead, Evada modular data center provides a data center with rapid deployment, high energy efficiency, compact space and flexible expansion, which meets the needs of rail transit for efficient, reliable, fast, flexible and intelligent management of the data center in the cloud era.

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