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Evada's 2023 Spring Opening Training and Spring Festival Gala Concluded Successfully Feb 08, 2023

In order to better promote the development strategy of the group company "Evada Dream Three Entrepreneurials", focusing on product knowledge, skill improvement and professional quality, a one-week spring training focusing on the sales team and service department of the marketing center was held at the Xiamen headquarters from January 30 to February 4.

1. First, President Wang Yongjun delivered a speech according to the current economic situation and national policies. It also points out that Evada has experienced "three entrepreneurial" stages since its establishment, namely, "one entrepreneurial" in 1998-2015, and "entrepreneurial period" dominated by trade; In 2016-2022, "second entrepreneurship" will lay a solid foundation and do a good job in the "growth period" of products.
It is worth mentioning that in 2022, we achieved good results, with brands ranking among the forefront of the industry and projects blooming everywhere; 2023-2028 is "three startups". The company aims to become a part of the capital market when Evada is 30 years old. In 2023, we will standardize the operation of enterprises according to the requirements of the capital market, promote the high-quality development of terminals, enhance the competitive advantage, and finally realize the "Evada dream" that Evada will become a leading enterprise in the new energy industry and make Evada people rich together!

2. After that, he officially entered the training of product technology and other aspects. Each business department of the marketing center makes a detailed explanation from the common difficulties, solutions and project coordination, with a solid theory, tells the relationship between the market environment and sales and industry, empowers sales "core weapons", and helps sales elites solve more difficulties and needs.
On February 2, the company invited professional trainers to conduct intensive training on sales skills improvement.
The course focuses on the topic of "Tao", a magic tool of top salespeople, and analyzes the seven marketing methods from demand, trust, angle, result, fact, human nature, and state, mastering the underlying logic and core key theories of sales, understanding the significance of sales work, cultivating five hearts and five forces, and strengthening faith, and becoming TOP SALES.

3.On the last night, Evada held the 2023 Spring Festival Gala ceremoniously and ended it perfectly.

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