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EVADA's Revolutionary Data Center Solutions Making Waves at Shanghai IDCE Jun 20, 2023

EVADA's Data Center Solutions at Shanghai IDCE

EVADA products were well-received, creating a lively atmosphere in the booth


16 June 2023-The 9th China (Shanghai) International Data Center Industry Exhibition officially comes to a close. Over the past three days, EVADA had the opportunity to connect with old friends and new faces, as we explored the new possibilities of digital infrastructure in the context of the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality".

EVADA shines at Shanghai IDCE

Mr. Zhong Jinghua, the leader of CDCC (China Data Center Committee), national standard developer for data centers, visited the EVADA booth for guidance


"Wei" Series Modular Data Center Solutions


"Wei" Series Modular Data Center Solutions


The "Wei" series ensuring consistency in appearance, interfaces, and protocols. It integrates cabinet systems, aisle containment systems, power distribution systems, cooling systems, and monitoring systems into one, addressing the demands of the Cloud era for highly efficient, reliable, and intelligent data center management.


With unique power distribution architecture, absorption refrigerator, and cold aisle containment systems, "Wei" series effectively reduces PUE, saving more than 20-30% in energy consumption and achieving energy-saving and emission reduction, as well as efficient operations, creating a new model for data center construction in the wave of "new infrastructure."


The "Wei" series has garnered significant attention


Distributed Power Solutions

EVADA DPS-D series and DPS-A series UPS

DPS-D series and DPS-A series UPS

EVADA's data center distributed power solutions are specifically designed and developed for the next generation of green data centers. They combine the mature and stable control technology of traditional UPS with advanced lithium battery energy storage technology. The modular design is compact and lightweight, supports hot-swappable function and features high intelligence for easy deployment and maintenance.


The DPS-D series and DPS-A series are star products that are widely applicable to power supply scenarios such as distributed data centers, phased deployment data centers, rapid deployment data centers, and integrated cabinets.


Digital Power Solutions


 EVADA HQ-MR series modular UPS and HP-GRL series high-frequency UPS

 HQ-MR series modular UPS and HP-GRL series high-frequency UPS are also highlights of this show


The HQ-MR series is modular design, supports phased deployment and parallel expansion. It integrates power distribution in a unified cabinet, with both bypass and power modules supporting hot-swappable function, offering flexibility, intelligence, and ease of maintenance.


The HP-GRL series features the latest IGBT rectification technology and built-in DSP technology. It allows for parallel expansion and N+X power mode, combining energy-saving and environmental friendliness with excellent grid adaption.

EVADA Digital Power Solutions made its debut at IDCE

EVADA Digital Power Solutions

Digital transformation is driving profound changes in production, lifestyle and governance methods, and IDC as the physical foundation for various digital technology applications, are flourishing.


EVADA will continue to explore data center solutions for more scenarios and industries. While closely following the trend of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", we will contribute to energy structure transformation, accelerate the development of renewable energy, fuel digital infrastructure and embark on a sustainable future.

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