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Evada takes corporate responsibility and is joining in Henan's reconstruction Oct 19, 2021

In July 2021.7 Henan province encountered extreme heavy rainfall that was rare in history. The rain caused heavy losses to the economy and society of Henan Province。Shortly after the flood , Henan Province, which is in the process of post-disaster reconstruction, has been affected by the new covid-19. Dual challenges have brought unprecedented severe challenges and tests to Henan’s post-disaster reconstruction.

When one side is in trouble, all sides will help In the first moments of the disaster. Evada company Donated to Zhengzhou Red Cross Society, specially used to support flood fighting and disaster relief work.  At the same time, within a month after the disaster, Evada The after-sales service team worked together to assist in the reconstruction of the disaster in Henan Province, and provided reliable and timely service guarantee for the power supply systems of customers in various regions and industries in Henan Province.

As the epidemic situation in Henan province gradually improved and stabilized in mid-August, the battle of flood control and anti-disaster and anti-epidemic for more than a month has achieved the hard-won fruits of victory. To assist Henan in post-disaster reconstruction, Evada is in action.

Service guarantee -quick response technical support

Within a few days after the disaster broke out in July, Evada Zhengzhou branch received information from Zhengzhou Education TV station and petrochemical Sales Company's gas station that needed project support.

In the first time after receiving the technical support, Evada after-sales team worked hard, regardless of wind and rain rushed to the site for customer service, timely restore the operation of the equipment!