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Government industry UPS power supply Oct 18, 2021


With the advancement of the new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and the reform of government governance, the construction of digital government in China has entered the fast lane. The implementation of digital government planning in many places is accelerating, and the service of government affairs and people’s livelihood is moving forward from "the last mile" to "the last meter". In order to ensure the smooth flow of information and data sharing, ensure that the network information center can coordinate and manage the entire network nodes, monitor the network operation, ensure the safe, reliable and uninterrupted work of the information network, and ensure the reliable and uninterrupted work of the information stations of the subordinate subnets. To ensure the smooth operation of the whole computer network system can ensure the smooth operation of the whole government. Every link must be safe. There must be a stable and reliable UPS power supply to ensure the power production line.

Customer value

human-computer interaction
Friendly human-computer interaction interface, beautiful and generous;

Modular design
Modular design, rapid expansion, convenient operation and maintenance;

emergency power supply
It can use lead-acid or lithium battery as backup energy, integrate battery patrol function and refine battery management;

High efficiency and energy saving
High efficiency and energy saving, inverter output efficiency up to 96%, eco energy saving mode efficiency up to 99%;

Sleep mode of intelligent module
Sleep mode of intelligent module ensures energy saving in full load range;

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