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Medium Size-X2 Data Center solution

Product name: X2 Modular Data Center Solution
Cabinet Number: 2~8
Cabinet Size: 600*1200*2000mm/cabinet
UPS Capacity:6~60kVA
Refrigeration Capacity: 3.5/8/12.5kW
PDU: 12-bit 10A+4-bit 16A
Monitoring Display: 10 inch Touch Screen
Product Introduction:
X2 multi cabinet micro modular data center is specially designed for small intelligent modular data center. It integrates the distributed power system DPS (or UPS + maintenance free lead-acid battery), power distribution, refrigeration, monitoring, cabinet and other subsystems of the data center. Each subsystem is prefabricated in the factory and assembled on site to build a single row modular data center. It greatly save room space and supports the flexible expansion of the device. The configuration can be flexibly adjusted according to the application scenario.
Application Field:
 Small and medium-sized micro data centers, branch computer rooms of large companies, small and medium-sized enterprise data centers, small and medium-sized network equipment rooms, and distributed business network computer rooms with large business volume.

Rapid deployment: rapid deployment without building a computer room. Factory pre integration, pre installation of cabinet, UPS, wiring, monitoring and refrigeration equipment in the supply chain, so as to minimize the on-site hardware installation time, improve the deployment speed and reduce the delivery difficulty.

Maintenance Intelligence: unattended, realizing 365 day 7x24 hour unified and intelligent humanized management, rapid fault location and problem handling; The standard 10 Inch Touch screen can clearly view various parameters, status, records and alarm information.

Green energy saving: equipped with high-efficiency and energy-saving UPS, the channel is closed to isolate the cold and hot air flow, avoid the loss of cooling capacity and improve the utilization rate of air conditioning; Compared with the traditional machine room scheme, because the air conditioner adopts the cooling scheme close to the heat source, the comprehensive energy consumption is reduced by more than 30%, and the pue value is lower than 1.5.

Safe and reliable: provide reliable grounding at device level, equipment level and system level to ensure reliable operation of equipment; Fully enclosed design to reduce the impact of dust on equipment operation; Low noise EC fan is selected. The unit has low noise and can be placed in the office area.
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