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  • Bolstering the Digital Frontier: EVADA's Recognition in '2023 Computing Power Investment'
    Bolstering the Digital Frontier: EVADA's Recognition in '2023 Computing Power Investment' September 22, 2023
    2023 Cloud Computing International Summit September 16,2023- The "Gathering in Zhongwei, Shaping the Future of Computing Power" themed 2023 Cloud Computing International Summit was held in Zhongwei, Ningxia. This event drew thousands of participants from government bodies, academic institutions, and various enterprises along the digital industry chain nationwide. EVADA was invited to participate, joining industry peers in exploring the promising future of digital development. EVADA secured the prestigious "2023 Computing Investment Potential Excellent Case" The computing infrastructure is pivotal to digital economic progress. It serves as a cornerstone for innovation and industrial enhancement. To spotlight and advance innovative technologies and applications in this field, the China Communications Industry Association Data Center Committee partnered with the People's Government of Zhongwei to organize the "2023 Computing Application Innovation Technology Excellent Case Selection." The results were unveiled during the conference. This selection‘s entries were evaluated comprehensively based on innovation, sustainability, intelligence, and empowerment. Following a rigorous review process by expert panels, our submission - the "Hunan Furongyun Data Center Project"-garnered unanimous recognition and was honored as the "2023 Computing Investment Potential Excellent Case." CIDC 2023 Computing Investment Potential Excellent Case The Hunan Furongyun Data Center Project This project situated in the eastern industrial park of Yiyang High-tech Zone, is a groundbreaking initiative with an approximate investment of 5 billion RMB. It is slated to become a cloud computing data center with a total capacity of 20,000 high-density cabinets - the highest level with maximum computing density in China's central and western regions. It has set new benchmarks for high-density cloud computing centers in China, providing tailored computing services to a diverse range of client. EVADA provides Distributed Power Supply (DPS) solutions for the project. Each DPS unit boasts a 12KW capacity, coupled with three sets of 50AH/240V lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. The DPS power module design employs a 4+2 redundancy configuration, the battery backup supports full-load operations for up to 3 hours, and it is conveniently hot-swappable. EVADA's DPS is equipped with "peak cut" capabilities, and it supports distributed expansion. This optimizes power usage during peak demand periods, not only yielding additional returns on investment for cloud computing centers but also facilitating seamless capacity expansion during subsequent renovations and upgrades. EVADA DPS-A Series EVADA's Unique Selling Points: Policy-Driven Advantage EVADA's DPS solutions aligning with the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" goal and the evolving industrial and commercial energy storage landscape. In recent years, coupled with frequent power restriction policies, there has ...
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    EVADA "Dimension" Series Honored as Top High-Quality Computing Solution Provider at IDCC2023 Greater Bay Area Awards August 01, 2023
    The 18th China IDC Industry (Greater Bay Area) Annual Ceremony   13 July 2023-The 18th China IDC Industry (Greater Bay Area) Annual Ceremony, hosted by the China IDC Circle, convened in Shenzhen under the theme "Green Intelligence, Ecological Collaboration." The event spotlighted the development of computing industries, exploring the latest advancements, best practices, and cutting-edge trends in data centers, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Amidst industry peers, EVADA was invited to participate in the conference, delving into the development of computing industries in the digital economy era, and envisioning a brighter future for Digital China under the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" goal.   The 18th China IDC Industry (Greater Bay Area) Annual Ceremony The highlight of the event was the IDCC2023 Greater Bay Area IDC Industry Awards, recognizing outstanding enterprises contributing to computing power, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area over the past year.   After fierce competition involving registration, online voting, and expert panel evaluations, EVADA's "Dimension" Series of modular data center products stood out among numerous contenders, winning the prestigious IDCC2023 Greater Bay Area High-Quality Computing Solution Provider Award.   EVADA Key Account Director, Lan Tianmao went on stage to receive the award (third from the right) The "Dimension" Series, a culmination of EVADA's years of industry experience and research and development efforts, ensures consistency in design, appearance, interfaces, and protocols. It integrates subsystems such as cabinet systems, channel systems, power distribution systems, cooling systems, and monitoring systems, effectively responding to the demands for efficient, reliable, and intelligent data centers in the age of the cloud. EVADA "Dimension" Series Data Center Solutions Its outstanding features, including power-efficient architecture, close coupled cooling, and cold aisle containment systems lower PUE, save 20~30% energy, achieve emissions reduction and high performance. It presents a new data center construction model in the era of "New Infrastructure."    EVADA winning the prestigious IDCC2023 Greater Bay Area High-Quality Computing Solution Provider Award "Dimension" Series Highlights (Partial List)   Heilongjiang Centralized Control Station Empowering State Grid's centralized control station data centers with digitalization, EVADA provides DimensionX3 series that enables rapid deployment, high efficiency, energy savings, compact space, and flexible scalability. This solution effectively meets the requirements for efficient, reliable and intelligent management of data centers. State Grid Shaanxi EVADA provides the "DimensionX3" series dual-row cold aisle modular data center for State Grid Shaanxi. It is specially designed for intelligent modular ...
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  • EVADA Successfully Concludes Midyear Meeting 2023: A Review of Achievements and Future Endeavors
    EVADA Successfully Concludes Midyear Meeting 2023: A Review of Achievements and Future Endeavors July 25, 2023
    Shenzhen, July 2023 – EVADA successfully hosted its much-anticipated Mid-Year Marketing Analysis Conference on July 15th and 16th at the EVADA Shenzhen Research Center. This landmark event witnessed the convergence of EVADA's top executives, business unit leaders, subsidiary heads, and esteemed sales representatives to review the momentous accomplishments of the first half of 2023 and strategize for an even more triumphant second half. EVADA Midyear Meeting 2023   Capturing Market Opportunities Amidst Challenges The conference opened with a captivating address from Mr. Wang Yongjun, the esteemed President of EVADA. In his speech, Mr. Wang lauded the unwavering commitment of EVADA's sales team in navigating challenges posed by market dynamics, such as softening demands. The strategic resilience exhibited by the sales force to explore new avenues of growth, capitalize on digitalization, data analytics, and renewable energy opportunities was acknowledged with great appreciation.   "2023 marks the genesis of the 'EVADA Dream', and we have crystalized our strategic roadmap for the next five years," declared Mr. Wang. He encouraged all EVADA personnel to embrace the five core values of "Fast, Daring, Practical, Active, and Resolute," These guiding principles, combined with an unwavering commitment to innovation and execution, will undoubtedly propel EVADA towards a promising future. President Wang Yongjun delivers the speech   Empowering Departments, Achieving Collective Success   Throughout the conference, each business unit presented comprehensive reports highlighting their achievements and unveiled their ambitious goals for the remainder of the year. With a sharp focus on quantitative metrics, these presentations provided invaluable insights into the organization's strengths, identified areas for improvement, and set the course for accomplishing annual targets.   Learning from Excellence: Invigorating Insights from Esteemed Guest Speaker   To instill the spirit of continuous learning, EVADA graciously invited Mr. Chen Hangbin, a distinguished core agent, to share his exceptional sales expertise. Attendees gained actionable knowledge across four dimensions - "Prospecting Potential Clients, Mastering Visitation and Follow-up Techniques, Nurturing Customer Relationships, and Effective Sales Strategies." The session proved immensely beneficial, as EVADA's talented salesforce imbibed the wealth of practical insights.   An Optimistic Outlook for the Future   In closing, EVADA's Vice Presidents, Mr. Huang Jinguo and Mr. Chen Wendin, delivered compelling summaries. Mr. Huang emphasized the significance of staying abreast with contemporary trends, while Mr. Chen underscored the pivotal role of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence Graphics Cards (AIGC), High-Performance Computing (HPC), and digital twins in EVADA's journey towards breakthroughs in intelligent product development.   Embracing the Fu...
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  • CCID UPS&MDC Market Research Annual Report: EVADA Maintains Leading Positions
    CCID UPS&MDC Market Research Annual Report: EVADA Maintains Leading Positions July 03, 2023
    EVADA ranked top 5 domestic UPS brands in China market and top 10 manufacturer in the Chinese micro data center market Over the past year, EVADA's modular UPS, high-frequency UPS, and line-interactive UPS solutions have been widely adopted in industries such as petroleum, chemicals, power, military, telecommunications, government, education, finance, healthcare, transportation and data centers. EVADA has steadily gained market share and made efforts to increase its international presence and cooperation.    In response to the new requirements and challenges posed by digitalization and new infrastructure projects, EVADA upholds the spirit of continuous innovation, solidifies its research capabilities, grasps market trends, and consistently delivers smarter, more efficient, and greener UPS products to the clients.   With relentless strides and a fearless pursuit of excellence, EVADA has made its debut among the top 10 UPS brands in China.   EVADA UPS Highlights (Partial List): State Grid Chongqing The power system of the data center facility of the State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Company underwent an upgrade. In accordance with the requirements, EVADA provided 12 sets of HQ-M500/400kVA modular UPS and 2 sets of HQ-M500/300kVA modular UPS. The HQ-M series UPS features robust load capacity, safety, reliability and energy efficiency that consistently ensures power safety. West–East Gas Pipeline II With an annual gas transmission capacity of 30 billion cubic meters, the project provides a significant amount of clean energy to the eastern region of China. EVADA's HP-T series high-frequency online UPS offers secure and reliable power to over ten stations along the Lunnan-Turpan branch line and the Zhongwei-Guiyang interconnection line. "In 2022, EVADA's micro data center products achieved new growth points and it further upgraded the rapid deployment and flexible expansion of micro modular data center products, making the foundation of modularity, standardization, and prefabrication even more robust.   In terms of market applications, EVADA actively responds to the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" strategy, it collaborated with State Grid Corporation to create a "smart grid" modular data center model project in Heilongjiang, serving as a green and energy-efficient model for the new ways of management at grid Centralized Power Station. And the micro modular and distributed DPS data center solutions have been effectively applied in large-scale IDC green data centers.   EVADA enhanced the features of intelligent busbars, autonomous cooling control (AI+BA), and energy management, obtained relevant service certifications and has improved operational management and provided users with high-quality micro data center products and service, further enhancing the application of EVADA's solutions in the data center field."   ——CCID Consulting EVADA DimensionX3 Series Micro Data Center Solutions   EVADA's Data Center ...
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  • EVADA's Revolutionary Data Center Solutions Making Waves at Shanghai IDCE
    EVADA's Revolutionary Data Center Solutions Making Waves at Shanghai IDCE June 20, 2023
    EVADA products were well-received, creating a lively atmosphere in the booth   16 June 2023-The 9th China (Shanghai) International Data Center Industry Exhibition officially comes to a close. Over the past three days, EVADA had the opportunity to connect with old friends and new faces, as we explored the new possibilities of digital infrastructure in the context of the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality". Mr. Zhong Jinghua, the leader of CDCC (China Data Center Committee), national standard developer for data centers, visited the EVADA booth for guidance   "Wei" Series Modular Data Center Solutions "Wei" Series Modular Data Center Solutions   The "Wei" series ensuring consistency in appearance, interfaces, and protocols. It integrates cabinet systems, aisle containment systems, power distribution systems, cooling systems, and monitoring systems into one, addressing the demands of the Cloud era for highly efficient, reliable, and intelligent data center management.   With unique power distribution architecture, absorption refrigerator, and cold aisle containment systems, "Wei" series effectively reduces PUE, saving more than 20-30% in energy consumption and achieving energy-saving and emission reduction, as well as efficient operations, creating a new model for data center construction in the wave of "new infrastructure." The "Wei" series has garnered significant attention   Distributed Power Solutions DPS-D series and DPS-A series UPS EVADA's data center distributed power solutions are specifically designed and developed for the next generation of green data centers. They combine the mature and stable control technology of traditional UPS with advanced lithium battery energy storage technology. The modular design is compact and lightweight, supports hot-swappable function and features high intelligence for easy deployment and maintenance.   The DPS-D series and DPS-A series are star products that are widely applicable to power supply scenarios such as distributed data centers, phased deployment data centers, rapid deployment data centers, and integrated cabinets.   Digital Power Solutions    HQ-MR series modular UPS and HP-GRL series high-frequency UPS are also highlights of this show   The HQ-MR series is modular design, supports phased deployment and parallel expansion. It integrates power distribution in a unified cabinet, with both bypass and power modules supporting hot-swappable function, offering flexibility, intelligence, and ease of maintenance.   The HP-GRL series features the latest IGBT rectification technology and built-in DSP technology. It allows for parallel expansion and N+X power mode, combining energy-saving and environmental friendliness with excellent grid adaption. EVADA Digital Power Solutions Digital transformation is driving profound changes in production, lifestyle and governance methods, and IDC as the physical foundation for various digital technology applicatio...
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  • EVADA Made Its Debut at the Intersolar Europe
    EVADA Made Its Debut at the Intersolar Europe June 17, 2023
    Messe München, Germany 14-16 June 2023-Intersolar Europe takes place at the Messe München in Germany. EVADA showcased its full range of renewable energy solutions, demonstrating its technological strength and innovation in the renewable energy sector while promoting global decarbonization. EVADA showcased its renewable energy solutions Intersolar Europe is the world's leading exhibition and it’s the largest trade show of the solar industry worldwide. SolarPower Europe launched the Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2023-2027 during the exhibition. The report states that 239 GW of new solar capacity was installed globally in 2022, 27 EU Member States saw 41.4 GW of new solar capacity which is equivalent to a 47% annual growth. As a key participant in the global renewable energy market, EVADA recognizes the importance of solar energy in Europe's energy transition and has introduced the eLite Pro Series and other residential, commercial and industrial energy storage products and solutions to meet the growing energy demand and made its debut at the exhibition. eLite Pro Series On&Off Grid Solar System eLite Pro Series On&Off Grid Solar Inverter The inverter features anti-islanding protection, anti-counter current design and built-in dual loop integrated MPPT charger. The IP65 rating and natural cooling convection makes it suitable for various roof requirements. Battery reverse polarity protection ensures safety and reliability. Advanced BMS allows users to configure charging and discharging times according to their needs. It also supports WIFI monitoring APP for easy monitoring and management.   eLith Block Series Battery The battery features built-in BMS that enables real-time monitoring of battery information. WIFI monitoring APP and cloud solutions allow users to monitor and manage their systems anytime, anywhere. Over current protection and robust load capacity to meet daily power demand. 6000 cycle life at 80% DOD, it offers long-lasting durability.   DTH11 Series Online High-frequency UPS DSP digital control technology provides superior performance and stability. The 50/60Hz auto-sensing and ultra-wide input range enable it to adapt to a variety of grid environments. Automatic recovery feature and ECO mode contribute to high efficiency and energy savings, reducing users' expenses. Cold start and mains power start functions ensure startup and operation under various circumstances.   EVADA made its debut at the exhibition With the growing global awareness of environmental protection, renewable energy has become the mainstream industry of the future. EVADA is seizing the opportunity and keeping pace with the trend by continuously introducing high-quality solutions in the renewable energy sector. EVADA will accelerate the international layout, collaborate with partners through innovative technologies and high-quality products, and jointly promote the global transition to sustainable energy.
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  • EVADA Partner Conference 2023
    EVADA Partner Conference 2023 June 01, 2023
    26 May 2023-EVADA Partner Conference 2023 successfully held in Xiamen! Partners from the domestic market and abroad are gathering in Xiamen for a new chapter of cooperation and development. EVADA Partner Conference 2023 In the opening speech, EVADA Chairman Wang Yongjun paid tribute to all Evadans for coming along on this 25-year journey. EVADA started from a small team of just a dozen people and grew over 2 decades into a High and New Technology Enterprise ranked in the top 5 in China's UPS market, with nearly 30,000 square meters of plant and a professional R&D Team. It’s a long and arduous path, yet as the saying goes "Tough times never last but tough people do". EVADA Chairman, Wang Yongjun delivers the speech "In 2023, we are officially on our way to a third venture. Our goal is to 2028, a 30% CAGR in sales, to become a leading enterprise in the new energy sector, to build a platform for partners to achieve resource-sharing and win-win cooperation" said EVADA Chairman, Wang Yongjun. EVADA Partner Conference 2023 In the digital era, the amount of data has shown explosive growth, and data centers and other infrastructure construction have evolved along with the change. EVADA has a special feature with three authorities in the industry to share. Senior Analyst of CCID Consulting, Yang Tianyu delivers the speech "China's data center is far into the future, as the ’Synergise East and West’ project leading the eight national computing hubs to grow. Data centers are developing towards high performance, high density, integration, green, modularization, marginalization and intelligentization under the high computing power demand" said Senior Analyst of CCID Consulting, Yang Tianyu. Class-A Expert of CNCC, Ni Mizhi delivers the speech Class-A Expert of CNCC, Ni Mizhi shared the green development route of the financial data center. He pointed out that data center PUE should be reduced from four aspects: climate and building envelope, power supply and distribution system, cooling system and intelligent system. Ni also stressed that planning and designing PUE in a life-cycle way is a crucial path to realize the sustainable development of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Chief Engineer of Zhejiang Yunhu Data, Peng Guangxiang delivers the speech Chief Engineer of Zhejiang Yunhu Data, Peng Guangxiang discussed the integration of data center, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and energy storage with partners. He shared tons of official experimental data and test data on the lifespan, safety, economy and other aspects of lithium batteries. EVADA VP, Huang Jinguo delivers the speech Focusing on the goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" and the digital economy, EVADA VP, Huang Jinguo said that EVADA will put digitization, energy efficiency, independent and controllable in the first place while we continue to introduce higher power modules and machines. In addition to this, EVADA will also actively deploy new energy products to further expand ...
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  • EVADA Shines at the Future Energy Show Philippines 2023
    EVADA Shines at the Future Energy Show Philippines 2023 May 19, 2023
    15 May 2023 - EVADA is participating in the Future Energy Show Philippines 2023, presenting its latest product portfolio, proven innovative technologies, and sustainable and intelligent renewable solutions. As EVADA continues to work on the theme of 'Decarbonization for Green Development of Energy', this convention will help to promote EVADA's sustainability concept, connect with the globe and expand its market presence. EVADA team at the Future Energy Show Philippines 2023 During the exhibition, EVADA's stand attracted numerous visitors. The stand featured demo sessions which generated significant interest in the company's products and services and allowed attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the company's offerings. EVADA's stand at the Future Energy Show Philippines 2023 The most high-profile product was the eLite Series Off Grid Solar Inverter, it’s an all-in-one system for supplying solar power at home and a combination of pure sine wave solar inverter and integrated MPPT charger. The Philippines state grid suffers from unstable power quality, such as large frequency change, the instability often causes power cut and leads to strong impacts on daily life, hence, there’s a growing demand for backup power. On top of that, there are still a number of remote areas and a series of small islands that do not benefit from current grids and systems, so they are also in dire need of off-grid products like the eLite Series and eLite Pro Series. eLite Series Off Grid Solar Inverter In the face of the wave of energy storage development, EVADA will continue to invest in R&D and strive to create safe, reliable, sustainable and intelligent energy storage products through the integration of technological innovations from all sides, to make a greater contribution to the high-quality development of the new energy industry and holding to its commitment to driving this transition.
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  • EVADA Opens Shenzhen R&D Center to Drive Technological Advancements
    EVADA Opens Shenzhen R&D Center to Drive Technological Advancements May 08, 2023
    EVADA Launched Shenzhen R&D Center EVADA (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. today celebrated the inauguration of its new research and development (R&D) Center in Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The Shenzhen R&D Center consists of laboratories, test platforms and office areas of a total of 2,000 square meters.  With the advantages of the location and resource, EVADA would be able to carry out effective cooperation with the local government, scientific institutions and other leading enterprises in the industry. This gesture also helps attract talent, drive technology development, accelerate global deployment strategies and drive EVADA forward. EVADA Shenzhen R&D Center EVADA Chairman Wang Yongjun, Vice President Chen Wending, Chen Yifeng, Kang Chengbao together with other management attended the ceremony. Vice President Yang Zhixun led the ceremony   “Research and development is the very engine and cornerstone for a company’s long-term development, thus it’s essential to increase R&D investment and develop innovative products”, said Yang Zhixun, EVADA Vice President.   Chairman Wang Yongjun delivers the speech   “2023 is a whole new beginning for EVADA, as a high-tech enterprise, product is the most important thing that determines whether the company can thrive or not, as for R&D, it decides whether the company is able to come out with a forward-thinking and competitive product. The headquarters and Shenzhen R&D Center will be closely working together, facing the challenge ahead and taking forward the EVADA development.” Chairman Wang Yongjun said during the plaque unveiling ceremony.   Vice President Huang Jinguo delivers the speech   “EVADA started from a small office in Shenzhen, grew it over 25 years to where we are now. All of this progress is because of our joint effort.” said Vice President Huang Jinguo. “EVADA will keep laying a solid foundation for accomplishing the EVADA DREAM, moving in the right direction, sticking to the technology advancement, aiming at the products optimization and better service for client.”   Plaque Unveiling Ceremony   The establishment of the Shenzhen R&D Center is a major effort to achieve the goal of becoming a leading enterprise in the new energy industry and promote common prosperity for all EVADAN. EVADA will begin a new era in pursuing high-quality development and fostering a new development paradigm.
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