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  • Evada Chairman: “Doves Right Into the Deep End of the Pool and Keep Scaling New Heights in Technology”
    Evada Chairman: “Doves Right Into the Deep End of the Pool and Keep Scaling New Heights in Technology” March 22, 2023
    Evada chairman Wang Yongjun was invited by the China National Radio (CNR) for a special interview on December. He had in-depth discussions about the UPS and its prospect, then shared his thoughts during the interview on how innovative technologies can become a driving force for sustainable development. Evada doves right into the deep end of the pool and prove that we can excel this through all the work we’ve done in the past 25 years" Evada chairman Wang Yongjun introduce product to client Wang Yongjun, chairman of Evada, graduated from Fuzhou University in 1993 and started his career as a technician, salesman, rotate in all the position improved his understanding of the UPS and convinced him that UPS has boundless possibilities. Thus, Wang took a page from his previous job and founded Evada in 1998 from a small place in Shantou, grew it over 25 years into the reputed trademark in China and now Evada is making effort to increase the international presence and cooperation. “At that time, most of UPS equipment still using imported technologies, thanks to Shantou’s bunch of preferential policies that has supported Evada came this far” Wang remember everything vividly. After gaining a foothold in Shantou, Evada has set up branch offices in Beijing, Xi’an, Guangzhou and other 8 places, to attracted more talents into Evada’s team. Few years later, the Board decided to return to Fujian, since then, Evada has put down roots and built a business in Xiamen. “We’re prepared for all the changing demands. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. It‘s the reason we ramp up spending and lay emphasis on R&D, cause R&D is the driving force of enterprise development” Wang assumes that solid R&D capability is the foundation for a company to evolve with the time and regulate line speeds, therefore, Evada set up another R&D center in Shenzhen. Currently funding in R&D account for 6 percent of the whole, as a result, Evada now has a full range solution of the UPS, it expands the client groups to electricity, oil, medical, defense, financial, education industry, and takes part in the important occasion such as BRICS summit. Evada R&D team In 2022, Wang aims to open up new areas of new energy, configures market for stored energy. Application scenarios of Evada UPS product "Technology used in PCS is similar to the one we used in UPS, though late, but growing fast" Evada’s experience from the past 25 years lowering the barriers of entries for opening up the stored energy market. So far, Evada will focus on household energy storage and the PCS (Power Conversion System) of industrial and commercial energy storage, the large-scale manufacturing will start in the first half of 2023. This gesture will accelerate the process of Evada presenting in capital and living the real “Evada” dream.
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  • Evada HQ-M Series Modular UPS Powers Up the New Electrical System
    Evada HQ-M Series Modular UPS Powers Up the New Electrical System March 14, 2023
    At the beginning of 2019, State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) has put forward the strategic goal of ”Three Types and Two Networks, World-Class”, it aims to build out Ubiquitous Electric Internet of Things (UEIOT) on the basis of Strong Smart Grid, and to shape interchanging, platforming, sharing, modern business. This project covers a total area of about 19,500 square meters. The new system can run 8 computer labs and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) of Cyber Security Centre, Dispatch Centre, Customer Service Centre and Administrative Centre. Data center infrastructure is significant to business’s safe and secure, it carries this critical business to move forward. In this case, Evada has supplied its HQ-M Series Modular UPS to the SGCC, which includes 8 sets of 500KVA and 4 sets of 400KVA, both are configured with the latest Lithium iron phosphate Battery System to support the decarbonization. Evada HQ-M Series Modular UPS 1. Vertical Scalability - Bypass switch and power module both are hot-swappable, maintenance time is within 5 minutes - Dual input design ensuring seamless operation without taking any extra floor space 2. Parallel Expansion - Allowing users to customize the number of power modules based on their power demands - N+X redundancy design, starts out with 20% extra capacity - Decentralized modular technology enables the power modules to work without the risk of a ”single point of failure”, guaranteed autonomous operation 3. ECO Friendly - Output power factor = 1 - ECO mode to save energy costs, to achieve high energy efficiency up to 99% and improve the UPS system efficiency by 10% - ECO mode implements active harmonic compensation - Automatically detects power fluctuations of the bypass input 4. Smart Management - The 10” LCD touch screen, communication slots, along with the dedicated service ports, the integration into any building management system and data center infrastructure management (DCIM), ensure the control and monitoring is easy - Smart sleep function utilize energy internal circle technology to increase total load rate and to achieve higher efficiency - Fan speed varies intelligently with temperature, extending the lifespan of the consumables Evada HQ-M Series Modular UPS(1200kVA and 500kVA/600kVA) ”Three Types and Two Networks” is SGCC’s gesture to rise with the occasion of the energy revolution and the digital revolution. To support this gesture, Evada draws on the experience from the past 25 years, combines with actual demand, makes sure the application will be extended to more settings. Evada has been trying to provide a strong underpinning for the digitization of power grid and empower the new electricity system to build an energy ecosphere. Evada HQ-M Series Modular UPS technical specifications Model HQ-M300/50 HQ-M500/50 HQ-M600/60 HQ-M840/60 HQ-M1000/50 HQ-M1200/60 Rated Capacity 300kVA 500kVA 600kVA 840kVA 1000kVA 1200kVA Power Mod...
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  • Evada's 2023 Spring Opening Training and Spring Festival Gala Concluded Successfully
    Evada's 2023 Spring Opening Training and Spring Festival Gala Concluded Successfully February 08, 2023
    In order to better promote the development strategy of the group company "Evada Dream Three Entrepreneurials", focusing on product knowledge, skill improvement and professional quality, a one-week spring training focusing on the sales team and service department of the marketing center was held at the Xiamen headquarters from January 30 to February 4. 1. First, President Wang Yongjun delivered a speech according to the current economic situation and national policies. It also points out that Evada has experienced "three entrepreneurial" stages since its establishment, namely, "one entrepreneurial" in 1998-2015, and "entrepreneurial period" dominated by trade; In 2016-2022, "second entrepreneurship" will lay a solid foundation and do a good job in the "growth period" of products. It is worth mentioning that in 2022, we achieved good results, with brands ranking among the forefront of the industry and projects blooming everywhere; 2023-2028 is "three startups". The company aims to become a part of the capital market when Evada is 30 years old. In 2023, we will standardize the operation of enterprises according to the requirements of the capital market, promote the high-quality development of terminals, enhance the competitive advantage, and finally realize the "Evada dream" that Evada will become a leading enterprise in the new energy industry and make Evada people rich together! 2. After that, he officially entered the training of product technology and other aspects. Each business department of the marketing center makes a detailed explanation from the common difficulties, solutions and project coordination, with a solid theory, tells the relationship between the market environment and sales and industry, empowers sales "core weapons", and helps sales elites solve more difficulties and needs. On February 2, the company invited professional trainers to conduct intensive training on sales skills improvement. The course focuses on the topic of "Tao", a magic tool of top salespeople, and analyzes the seven marketing methods from demand, trust, angle, result, fact, human nature, and state, mastering the underlying logic and core key theories of sales, understanding the significance of sales work, cultivating five hearts and five forces, and strengthening faith, and becoming TOP SALES. 3.On the last night, Evada held the 2023 Spring Festival Gala ceremoniously and ended it perfectly.
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  • Evada 2023 Spring Festival Holiday Notice
    Evada 2023 Spring Festival Holiday Notice January 05, 2023
    According to the Notice of the General Office of the State Council on the Arrangement of Some Festivals and Holidays in 2023 and in combination with the actual situation of the company, the arrangements for the Spring Festival holidays are hereby notified as follows: There will be a 13 day holiday from January 17 to 29, 2023, and the office will be officially opened on January 30.
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  • The Chief Spokesperson of Evada—Mr. Wang accepts an exclusive interview with CNR Media
    The Chief Spokesperson of Evada—Mr. Wang accepts an exclusive interview with CNR Media December 01, 2022
    Deeply plowing the industry for more than 20 years, empowering the country's important weapon. The president of Evada was invited to accept an exclusive interview with Haicang industry figures in the large-scale special "Big Times" Xiamen Haicang chapter of CNR.
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  • 2022 Evada Mid-Year Conference Successfully Concluded
    2022 Evada Mid-Year Conference Successfully Concluded July 12, 2022
    On July 10, Evada's 2022 Mid-Year Conference "Opening Up New Students, Together Towards the Future" was successfully concluded. Participating in this meeting are the president, vice president, senior managers of various departments, as well as regional agents and overseas sales elites. The three-day conference was divided into three major sections: internal training on 7.8, debriefing meeting on 7.9, and sharing by celebrities on 7.10. President Wang Yongjun first affirmed the achievements made in the first half of the year, then clarified the three-year development plan and firmed up the strategy implementation strategy. Evada guarantees the improvement of delivery capacity and quality from the aspects of production and operation, human resources, and finance, and invests heavily Production equipment and research and development have improved the quality of products from hardware to software. Mr. Wang said, "An epidemic has swept the world. After experiencing the difficulties of limited logistics and rising raw materials, Evada has not forgotten its original intention and has always adhered to the business philosophy of "relying on technological innovation, relying on quality, guaranteeing service, and creating brilliant brands". Moving forward. The cold winter has passed, and we have ushered in a new period of strategic opportunities for development. Carbon peaks, carbon neutrality, 5G, and counting. Based on the new development stage, we will build a new development pattern, with a steady and steady spirit, we will work hard and move forward bravely. On the last day of the meeting, Xiong Liang, deputy marketing director, launched a training activity for the display of new products. Product manager Xie Tianguang and director of customer service department Lin Yiguo did product sharing and technical exchange activities for everyone. Deputy Marketing Director Xiong Liang introduced the newly released UPS products "Datong series - high frequency DTH111-10KVA products, high frequency DTH3310-60KVA products", Datong series is Evada's ingenuity, Evada has a wealth of in the industry Experience and technology accumulation, the new product Datong series is flexible and efficient, can stand or lie down, can be applied in a variety of scenarios, has industrial-grade dustproof and heat insulation design, super load capacity, system efficiency can reach up to 96%, reduce energy consumption 40% or more. High-efficiency and energy-saving design, leading performance indicators in the industry. Product manager Xie Tianguang shared the Evada lightning protection/leakage monitoring and early warning system. The system has lightning protection, leakage prevention and real-time monitoring and alarm functions of UPS working status. It is designed with low power consumption, simple installation, convenient maintenance, and is safe and reliable. Lin Yiguo, Director of Customer Service Department, also shared various technical issues such as the precautions for data c...
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  • Evada ranks among the top 5 domestic brands in China's UPS market
    Evada ranks among the top 5 domestic brands in China's UPS market June 20, 2022
    Recently, CCID Consulting (CCID), an authoritative organization, released the annual report on China's UPS market research from 2021 to 2022 and the report on China's micro module data center market research from 2021 to 2022, which respectively analyzed and insight into the market trend, market share and development trend of the data center and UPS in China. The report shows that Evada has both entered the list, ranking fifth in China's UPS market and tenth in the micro module data center market in 2021. Evada's modular UPS, high-frequency UPS, power frequency ups and other product solutions are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, military industry, communication, government, education, finance, medical treatment, transportation, data center and other industries. In the ups centralized procurement project of China Mobile, China telecom and China Unicom in 2021, Evada has accumulated a lot and stood out among many manufacturers, winning the bid for low-power, medium power and high-power UPS products respectively, covering module machines and high-frequency machines. At the same time, it has successively won the bid for the projects of State Grid Data Center in Chongqing, Henan, Heilongjiang, Shaanxi, Jilin and Fujian. In 2021, the sales volume of Evada ups will achieve rapid growth with great development potential.
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  • Technician College Students Visit Evada Science Park
    Technician College Students Visit Evada Science Park June 07, 2022
    Evada invited Xiamen technician college to enter Evada Science Park, providing a new way for the two sides to carry out multi-level and multi-form cooperation, promote the organic combination and optimal allocation of school enterprise resources, and jointly cultivate talents needed for economic and social development. This time, 45 students majoring in intelligent manufacturing electronics and intelligent product application came to visit. The teacher leading the team said that visiting and studying in enterprises is a kind of social practice for students after their majors. The focus is to cultivate students' ability to integrate theory with practice and understand the production process, manufacturing process, production technology and product structure of the factory. By visiting the production workshop, product exhibition hall and the company environment, students can understand the enterprise situation and the production process of high-power UPS products, and find the point where the school specialty meets the production enterprise; At the same time, the team leader expressed his willingness to help enterprises cultivate talents in demand, send students with professional background to enterprises for practice, create a good environment for students' internship, training and employment, and lay a foundation for solving the gap of practical talents in enterprises. After the visit and communication, the students were very satisfied with the working atmosphere of Evada and expressed their desire to practice and find employment in Evada.
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  • Evada helps Jiuquan Public Security Bureau transform into smart public security
    Evada helps Jiuquan Public Security Bureau transform into smart public security May 25, 2022
    Recently, Evada dimension series X3 micro module data center products have successfully served the information construction of Jiuquan Public Security Bureau in Gansu Province, and will continue to provide a solid guarantee for the bureau to implement the public security big data strategy and effectively help build a new pattern of intelligent public security in Jiuquan City. Due to the particularity of the public security system, it is necessary to ensure the stability, progressiveness and high security of the data room after its completion, and to achieve green energy conservation, intelligent maintenance, etc. From the perspective of customers and combined with the actual structure of the on-site computer room, Evada recommends the dimension series modular data center solution, and provides micro module overall equipment products including cabinet, cold channel, precision power distribution cabinet, inter train precision air conditioning and dynamic ring monitoring system. The modular data center scheme can realize the advantages of on-demand deployment and on-demand capacity expansion. It is more flexible in the later transformation and greatly reduces the cost and construction time. Provide a set of computer room monitoring and management system for the computer room to facilitate management and maintenance, which will bring twice the result with half the effort to the police computer room on duty. The DCIM infrastructure management system of Evada data center can quickly and comprehensively integrate and analyze the information of energy, power system, refrigeration system, environment, asset management and monitoring of the data center, and assist the computer room managers to conduct all-round detection of the computer room. In recent years, Evada has made great achievements in the construction of the computer room of the public security inspection and law data center, and has successfully delivered projects such as Hunan Shuangfeng court, Liaoning Chaoyang Court, Liaoning Changtu court, traffic police detachment of Jiaxing Public Security Bureau, Heilongjiang Jixi Discipline Inspection Commission, etc. Evada modular data center provides a safe and reliable platform support for improving the legalization, socialization and informatization of social security prevention and control system, and enhancing the overall prevention and control ability of social security and social service management ability.
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