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Server Cabinets for sale
Server Cabinets
Product Name: Cabinets for Servers
Power Distribution Cabinets
Server Rack Cabinets
Product Name:Power Distribution Cabinets Type: Rack or 19' cabinet Specification: Customized
Vehicle Power supply
EV Pure Sine Wave Inverter for Vehicles(1-3KVA)
Capacity: 1-3kVA Battery: 12V lead acid(not included) Product Introduction: EV portable inverter could supply a steady pure sine wave AC to various load on board, such as coffee machine, microwave, hairdryer or sensitive electronics. It could bring home comfort and convenience for your life or work on board, either motor home or utility vehicle.
lithium battery UPS
1KVA-15KVA Integrated UPS for Telecom
Capacity: 1KVA-15KVA Inverter/UPS Features: AC 220V/DC 48V output; 3KVA module maximum parallel 5 units; Compatible with liFePO4 and lead-acid battery Description: XMI-HR SERIES is Intelligent AC and DC integrated power supply with 48Vdc.
UPS for oil gas
HQ31 transformer-base UPS for Power plant&oil&Gas
Capacity: 10-30KVA UPS Features: tower, three phase in, single phase out Output PF=0.8 UPS with built-in isolation transformer, Dual DSP digital control technology,Safe and Reliable,Comprehensive Protection,Intelligent Management Battery: internal Color: Black Description: HQ 31 SERIES is 3 phase low frequency UPS 10KVA-30KVA
parallel-redundant data center HUAWEI EATON APC modular UPS
Capacity: 20-300KVA UPS Features:  20/25KVA 2U module, Output PF=1 UPS, Isolated air duct design,Intelligent Flexibility,High Reliability Battery: external Color: Black Description: HQ-M SERIES is 3 phase MODULAR UPS from 20KVA-300KVA
Transformerless single phase KEHUA KSTAR EAST UPS
DTH11 SERIES High Frequency Single Phase UPS (1-10KVA)
Capacity: 1-10KVA UPS Features: tower, single phase in, single phase out, transformer-free,Output PF=1, UPS Advanced Technology,Outstanding Flexibility Battery: external/internal Color: Black Description: DTH11 SERIES is single phase high frequency UPS 1KVA-10KVA
Server Cabinets for sale
Server Cabinets
Product Name: Cabinets for Servers
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