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Server Cabinets for sale
Server Cabinets
Product Name: Cabinets for Servers
Air conditioner for data centers
Refrigeration System for data centers
Product Name: Air conditioner for data centers Type: Rack or Column
Server Cabinets for sale
Server Cabinets
Product Name: Cabinets for Servers
IP54 telecom lithium battery UPS
1-3KVA outdoor Customized UPS
Capacity: 1KVA-3KVA Inverter Features: Indoor/outdoor design; Build in LiFePO4 battery; All-in-one solution Description: HW-DE SERIES is 1-3KVA outdoor UPS, with IP54 cabinet and lithium battery inside; It can be customized according to customers' requirement.
Vertiv data center
DPS-D SERIES UPS for Computer Rooms (6-12KW)
Capacity: 3-12KW UPS Features: With dual 240V DC outputs for IT equipment; Power module redundancy design and distributed in each IT cabinet; Built-in lithium battery module For distributed / limited weight-bearing/ phased deployment computers. Color: Black Battery: Build in with lithium batteries Description: DPS series products are distributed power systems, which are designed for the new generation of green data centers. It combines the mature and stable control technology of the traditional UPS with the new lithium battery storage technology. Small size, light weight, high intelligence, and easy deployment. It is generally suitable for staged Power supply application, such as distributed data centers, load-limited data centers, staged-deployment data centers, fast-deployment of data centers and other integrated cabinets.
telecom inverter
Capacity: 1KVA-15KVA Inverter Features: N+X redundant parallel technology; AC&DC dual-loop input design; Relay+SCR compensation Description: XMI-HR SERIES is Intelligent AC output power supply with 48Vdc.
Scalable N+2 parallel Socomec Riello Legrand modular UPS
Capacity: 50-1200KVA UPS Features: 50/60KVA module with independent LCD, Output PF=1 UPS, system efficiency is 96.5%, 10' color touch screen ,Intelligent Flexibility,High Reliability Battery: external Color: Black Description: HQ-M SERIES is 3 phase MODULAR UPS from 50KVA-1200KVA.
Transformerless single phase 2U KEHUA KSTAR EAST UPS
DTH-R SERIES Rack Mount UPS(1-10KVA)
Capacity: 1-10KVA UPS Features: 19" rack mounted, single phase in, single phase out, transformer-free,Output PF=1, UPS Advanced Technology,Outstanding Flexibility Color: Black Discription: DTH-R SERIES is single phase high frequency UPS 1KVA-10KVA
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