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  • UPS power supply for energy and chemical industry
    Summary EVADA industrial UPS power supply solution is designed for energy and chemical system to ensure the normal and stable operation of oil production control system, refining and chemical production control system, product oil transportation compressor station, oil sales and gas station monitoring network system and other equipment in the environment that meets the operation standards. Customer value Intelligent numerical control Adopt CNC intelligent industrial products, all components have high quality and high reliability; Isolation design Industrial isolation design of input and output can effectively restrain the interference of input and output, and provide reliable power supply for equipment; Save user space The fan variable speed cooling system is designed on the top of the cabinet, which can be installed on the wall to save user space; Variable speed energy saving The new vortex fan has excellent heat dissipation performance, variable speed and energy saving; Strong adaptability Adapt to high temperature, high humidity, dust, salt, corrosive gas, vibration and other harsh working environment; Enhanced design Enhanced combination structure cabinet design, can be equipped with a variety of components to improve the IP level, suitable for a variety of harsh industrial environment; Anticorrosive insulation All circuit boards are sprayed with anti-corrosion insulating paint, with insulation, moisture-proof, anti-leakage, anti-shock, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging and corona resistance; Related cases China Russia east gas pipeline project South yolotan gas field in Turkmenistan Petrochina Lanzhou Petrochemical Changting catalyst project
  • "Dimension X3" modular data center solution
    summary EVADA’s "DimensionX3" intelligent micro module is a new generation of modular data center products. It is committed to providing users with simple, reliable and efficient data center solutions, integrating many years of experience of EVADA. Based on the industry experience and R & D technology, the consistency of appearance, interface and protocol design is satisfied on the principle of ensuring the reliability and security of the data center infrastructure. The modular design is adopted to ensure the reliability and security of the data center infrastructure. The power supply, refrigeration, monitoring, cabinet, channel and wiring systems are effectively integrated. The products can be rapidly deployed and flexibly expanded, making the data center infrastructure more energy-efficient, intelligent and flexible, and significantly improving the reliability and availability of the data center. Customer value Safe and reliable Data center infrastructure product standardization, efficient matching, improve system reliability; product level ex-factory inspection, get higher quality assurance; intelligent monitoring, improve data center safe and reliable operation and maintenance management. Fast and flexible deployment Standardized components, de engineering and overall delivery; factory prefabrication and pre commissioning, on-site plug and play; matching according to business development, rapid expansion; various product types are rich, power supply and distribution, refrigeration, cabinet and other subsystems can be integrated and deployed according to different scenarios. High efficiency and energy saving Efficient power supply and distribution structure, close to heat source refrigeration mode, closed channel isolation of cold and hot air flow, effectively reduce PUE value, save energy consumption by more than 20 ~ 30%, achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction and efficient operation, and reduce operation cost. Operation and maintenance intelligence The monitoring system carries out centralized management of power, environment, security, fire protection and other conditions, and provides real-time online monitoring through sound and light, SMS, app and other alarm modes, so as to provide operation and maintenance efficiency; it realizes 7x24 hour comprehensive monitoring and intelligent management, supports remote management of multi outlets and rapid fault location. Related cases Intelligent cabinet project of a commercial bank Data center computer room of Heilongjiang ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT CADRE COLLEGE Weak current and intelligent equipment procurement and installation project of Lanzhou No.11 middle school reconstruction Campus
  • "DimensionX1" modular data center
    Summary "Cloud computing + edge computing" has become a new data processing mode. Many micro / small IDC are distributed on the network edge side close to users. Avida's "EconVal E" single cabinet micro modular data center deeply integrates the infrastructure products of the data center, taking the cabinet as the carrier, combining with the distributed power system DPS (or UPS + maintenance free lead-acid battery) and power distribution system. In order to provide customers with a simple, practical, safe and reliable equipment environment, a number of subsystems, such as rack type variable frequency air conditioning, emergency ventilation, monitoring, fire protection, are integrated in a closed cabinet. The integration of installation and service can reduce the difficulty of computer room planning and improve the experience of IT infrastructure. Customer value intelligent management Built in powerful monitoring and management system, equipped with 10 inch large color touch screen, it can directly read the temperature and humidity, UPS, air conditioning, power distribution and other parameters from the display screen; it can view the health degree and PUE value in the cabinet in real time; it can also remotely monitor the operating parameters in the cabinet, and can be connected to the superior monitoring platform. Energy saving The fully closed cold and hot channels, together with EC variable frequency rack air conditioning and high efficiency UPS, can save more than 30% energy compared with the traditional small data center construction mode. Save space With integrated design, the floor area is only 0.72 m2, saving more than 40% compared with the traditional construction mode; DPS can also be selected, which can reduce the floor area and weight by half compared with the traditional UPS + lead-acid battery, so as to improve the installation probability of business equipment. Safe and reliable Closed micro environment, less dependence on the surrounding environment, dust-proof, anti-noise; to ensure the reliable operation of " EconVal E ", equipped with emergency fan, smoke, temperature, access control to provide protection for the overall operation, linkage fire. Rapid deployment Factory production and assembly, site rapid installation, according to the load can be quickly expanded. Recommended scheme Power from main cabinet 1 set 3kW Internal director UPS 1 set 3〜6kVA Interior frame air conditioner 1 set Single chiller 3.5kw Rack battery pack 8 / 16 14AH/12V Available space of IT equipment 28U Power from main cabinet 1 set 3kW Built in UPS 1 set DPS-3KVA~6kVA Interior frame air conditioner 1 set Single cooling capacity 3.5kw Rack battery pack Lithium iron phosphate battery 10AH Available space of IT equipment 32U Advantages 1.Integrated design, covering an area of 0.72m2, saving room space. 2.The ups and battery pack are designed separately, and the backup time is easy to expand. 3.Rack air conditioner 5u design, high density, close to the origi...
  • "Dimension X2" modular data center
    summary EVADA "DimensionX2" multi cabinet micro modular data center is specially designed for small intelligent modular data center. It integrates the distributed power system (DPS) (or UPS + maintenance free lead-acid battery), power distribution, refrigeration, monitoring, cabinet and other subsystems of the data center. The subsystems are prefabricated in the factory and assembled on site to form a single row modular data center. In addition, it supports the flexible expansion of equipment, and can flexibly adjust the configuration according to the application scenarios. Customer value Rapid deployment No need to build a computer room, rapid deployment. Factory pre integration, pre installation of cabinet, UPS, wiring, monitoring and refrigeration equipment in the supply chain, to minimize the on-site hardware installation time, improve the deployment speed and reduce the difficulty of delivery. Maintain intelligence Unattended, realize 365 days 7x24 hours unified and intelligent humanized management, fast fault location and problem handling; standard 10 Inch Touch screen, can clearly view all kinds of parameters, status, records, alarm information. Green energy saving Equipped with high-efficiency energy-saving UPS, the channel is closed, the cold and hot air flow is isolated, the cold loss is avoided, and the utilization rate of the air conditioner is improved; compared with the traditional room scheme, because the air conditioner adopts the cooling scheme close to the heat source, the comprehensive energy consumption is reduced by more than 30%, and the PUE value is lower than 1.5. Safe and reliable Provide reliable grounding at device level, equipment level and system level to ensure reliable operation of equipment; fully enclosed design to reduce the impact of dust on equipment operation; select low noise EC fan unit with low noise, which can be placed in office area. Related cases Hunan Changsha Moon Island disaster recovery computer room project Information room project of Populus euphratica forest scenic spot in Yiwu, Xinjiang Weak current and intelligent equipment procurement and installation project of Lanzhou No.11 middle school reconstruction Campus
  • Government industry UPS power supply
    summary With the advancement of the new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and the reform of government governance, the construction of digital government in China has entered the fast lane. The implementation of digital government planning in many places is accelerating, and the service of government affairs and people’s livelihood is moving forward from "the last mile" to "the last meter". In order to ensure the smooth flow of information and data sharing, ensure that the network information center can coordinate and manage the entire network nodes, monitor the network operation, ensure the safe, reliable and uninterrupted work of the information network, and ensure the reliable and uninterrupted work of the information stations of the subordinate subnets. To ensure the smooth operation of the whole computer network system can ensure the smooth operation of the whole government. Every link must be safe. There must be a stable and reliable UPS power supply to ensure the power production line. Customer value human-computer interaction Friendly human-computer interaction interface, beautiful and generous; Modular design Modular design, rapid expansion, convenient operation and maintenance; emergency power supply It can use lead-acid or lithium battery as backup energy, integrate battery patrol function and refine battery management; High efficiency and energy saving High efficiency and energy saving, inverter output efficiency up to 96%, eco energy saving mode efficiency up to 99%; Sleep mode of intelligent module Sleep mode of intelligent module ensures energy saving in full load range; Related cases The 13th National Games 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games
  • UPS power supply in power industry
    summary The continuous progress of society, the continuous expansion of the city, and the continuous improvement of people’s demand for electric energy are urging the power industry to keep up with the development of the times and the progress of science and technology. The power industry has emerged new power supply operation systems in line with social development, such as power system automation and smart grid, And it has been widely used in many fields. The application of power system automation and smart grid effectively reduces the demand for personnel, saves the consumption of materials, and is simple and efficient in use. The application of these new power operation systems puts forward higher requirements for the safety and stability of the power basic system, And UPS power supply appears in the power system as a product to ensure the safe and effective operation of power system automation and smart grid. The XMI-D series power high frequency ups and power frequency UPS independently developed by EVADA provide safe, reliable and stable power supply for the secondary power system; ensure the zero switching of equipment and system power supply, maintain the normal and safe operation of data and public services; guarantee the huge data storage security of power, and provide data support and decision-making basis for the development of power industry. Ensure the safety of terminal equipment and system operation with less cost, reduce the cost of manual maintenance. Customer value Complete AC / DC isolation Meet the requirements of power supply, AC and DC are completely isolated; Pure power supply for load Standard output isolation transformer, bypass isolation transformer and voltage regulator are selected to provide pure power for load; Ultra wide input voltage range Ultra wide input voltage range, in the power environment is very bad substation, power plant can be normal power supply; Multiple power supply networking modes Support a variety of power supply networking mode, provide high reliable power supply; Multiple communication interfaces Support dry contact, RS232, RS485, SNMP and other communication interfaces to facilitate the acquisition of background data; Related Cases State Grid Changzhi Power Supply Company Hebei Zhangjiakou Shenhua wind farm Jinneng clean energy photovoltaic station
  • UPS solution for rail transit
    Summary Urban rail transit involves many weak current equipment systems, such as special communication system, integrated monitoring system, office automation system, environment and equipment monitoring system, access control system, passenger information system, automatic fare collection system, etc. in recent years, urban rail transit develops rapidly, and each electromechanical system is a platform for rail transit operation command, enterprise management, passenger service and information transmission. To ensure the safe and efficient operation of the train and provide high-quality service for passengers. Among them, the reliability of power supply equipment has become the top priority. There are various loads in the municipal power grid, which cause interference and pollution to the grid, worsen the quality of power supply, and affect the normal operation of the load. Urban rail transit involves many weak equipment systems, such as communication, signal, integrated monitoring, environmental monitoring, office automation, access control, automatic fare collection, automatic fire alarm, screen door, etc. the main power supply of each electromechanical system of urban rail transit needs UPS device to ensure the normal operation of power supply. The construction purpose of UPS power supply system is to provide safe, green and reliable uninterrupted power supply for electrical equipment of electromechanical system through UPS power supply system, so as to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment. Customer value Centralized configuration Reduce the number of UPS equipment, improve equipment reliability; Unified UPS Unified UPS equipment model, convenient for centralized purchase of equipment; Monitoring and maintenance It is conducive to unified monitoring and maintenance of ups; Highly integrated Highly integrated, reduce the area of UPS equipment; Dual distribution system Double power supply and distribution system is adopted, which has higher reliability; Modular data Provide modular data center solutions to achieve rapid deployment, energy saving and efficient, intelligent operation and maintenance; Related cases EVADA Digital Railway solution helps the world’ first high speed railway around the island chengdu metro  Xi’an metro 
  • UPS power supply for financial industry
    summary With the acceleration of new infrastructure construction such as 5g and big data center, as well as the implementation of smart city and 5g scene, the financial industry is accelerating the digital and intelligent transformation, and the market scale is further highlighted, gradually moving towards the network and paperless operation mode. The hardware equipment and information system used by the bank are very important, so there can be no error in data transmission. Even if the power failure is only a few milliseconds, it will cause data error and loss. In particular, the business of the bank’s head office or provincial branch has a high requirement on the power grid, including the business scope of data center, information center, clearing center, supervision center, etc. The hardware equipment, server, etc. of the company are the heart of the company, and instantaneous interruption is not allowed. According to the financial industry’s demand for power supply system, EVADA provides a full range of power supply solutions to realize all-round power supply guarantee for data room, office equipment, ATM machine, monitoring equipment, etc. Customer value Efficient intelligence Using high-end UPS, high efficiency, intelligence, small footprint. Flexible matching The power supply modes of single machine, parallel machine, single machine dual bus and parallel machine dual bus can be selected flexibly. Modular data According to the future development direction of the bank to large outlets and small outlets, match the best modular data center solutions and smart power solutions. Intelligent digitization Provide full digital manageable and visual monitoring platform to realize real-time control of power supply system. Related cases PICC Department of finance of Fujian Province Tianjin State Administration of Taxation
  • UPS power supply in education industry
    summary With the advent of the information and network era, the development of education is also moving towards openness and internationalization. Governments of all countries are paying more    attention to education and science and technology than ever before. At the same time, due to the instability of the power environment, the security risks are gradually emerging. Uninterruptible power supply is one of the important equipment to ensure the stable operation of computers, switches, servers and campus network, In view of the promotion of information construction in the education industry, EVADA has launched a simpler, more efficient, more reliable, safer and better managed ups and integrated power supply solution to provide a strong backing for the informatization and modernization of education. Customer value Customized solutions According to the use scenarios and the power supply requirements of the load equipment, formulate the targeted power supply solutions; Good learning environment Adopt adjustable speed and low noise cooling fan to create a good learning environment for students; Stable and reliable Stable, reliable, truly achieve uninterrupted power supply and service; Enhance comprehensive benefits The number of batteries can be adjusted, and the shared battery pack is supported to realize on-site emergency adjustment and improve comprehensive benefits; Intelligent operation and maintenance For the computer room system, small, medium and large modular data center solutions can be configured according to the business needs to achieve rapid deployment, safe and reliable, efficient energy saving and intelligent operation and maintenance; Related cases Beijing Normal University Nanchang University  Puer Vocational Education Center
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