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  • Public sector programme
    2008 Beijing Olympic Games Dozens of 6-20k low frequency UPS, HP models were used to ensure the power demand and stability of the news center. Xiamen BRICs Conference EVADA provides XMI series inverter power supply and HQ series high frequency products for communication equipment, providing stable power supply guarantee for BRICs conference communication and media relay equipment, and providing power guarantee service for key equipment of many venues. CICA summit of Shanghai World Expo Center EVADA provided dozens of low frequency UPS HQ Series for the work of the CICA, and made great contributions to the successful completion of the power protection task of the State Grid Shanghai electric power company.
  • China- Russia east gas pipeline project
    China- Russia east gas pipeline project HP series power frequency online UPS adopts advanced phase-locked synchronization technology and electronic static bypass switch, Ensure the continuity of load power supply; Adapt to the harsh working environment of high temperature, high humidity, dust, salt, corrosive gas and vibration.
  • Laos National Television Three Channel Upgrade Project
    The Golden Triangle special economic zone of Laos is located in DonGeng County, northwest of POJO province (also known as BoJiao Province, meaning “the land of gems”) in Laos. EVADA‘s high-end modular HQ-M series provides high-quality power supply for the information room of Laos Golden Triangle special economic zone.

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