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UPS power supply for financial industry Oct 18, 2021


With the acceleration of new infrastructure construction such as 5g and big data center, as well as the implementation of smart city and 5g scene, the financial industry is accelerating the digital and intelligent transformation, and the market scale is further highlighted, gradually moving towards the network and paperless operation mode. The hardware equipment and information system used by the bank are very important, so there can be no error in data transmission. Even if the power failure is only a few milliseconds, it will cause data error and loss. In particular, the business of the bank’s head office or provincial branch has a high requirement on the power grid, including the business scope of data center, information center, clearing center, supervision center, etc. The hardware equipment, server, etc. of the company are the heart of the company, and instantaneous interruption is not allowed. According to the financial industry’s demand for power supply system, EVADA provides a full range of power supply solutions to realize all-round power supply guarantee for data room, office equipment, ATM machine, monitoring equipment, etc.

Customer value

Efficient intelligence
Using high-end UPS, high efficiency, intelligence, small footprint.

Flexible matching
The power supply modes of single machine, parallel machine, single machine dual bus and parallel machine dual bus can be selected flexibly.

Modular data
According to the future development direction of the bank to large outlets and small outlets, match the best modular data center solutions and smart power solutions.

Intelligent digitization
Provide full digital manageable and visual monitoring platform to realize real-time control of power supply system.

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