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UPS power supply for manufacturing industry Oct 18, 2021


Manufacturing industry is the cornerstone of modern industry. With the promotion of "new infrastructure" and the strategy of strengthening the countrys manufacturing industry, the demand for high efficiency, high reliability and high availability of power supply system in the fields of power Internet of things, high-end equipment, industrial Internet and high-end chip manufacturing is increasingly severe. In order to achieve lean production and maximize benefits, the manufacturing industry’s dependence on UPS is increasing year by year. EVADA industrial UPS solution is specially designed for manufacturing system to ensure the normal and stable operation of products manufacturing, equipment assembly, storage and transportation, order processing and other equipment in the environment that meets the operation standards.

Customer value

Humanized operation
Humanized control design, no strict control sequence, safe and simple to use;

Adapt to the environment
Industrial devices are selected to adapt to high temperature, high humidity, dust, salt, corrosive gas, vibration and other harsh working environment;

Full frontal design
The full front design can easily operate, maintain and replace the equipment through the front panel. At the same time, it can be reliably installed on the wall to save space;

Industrial isolation design
Industrial isolation design of input and output can effectively isolate input and output interference and provide reliable power supply for equipment;

Unique air duct design
The unique air duct design and intelligent speed regulation function of the fan ensure that the circuit board is not easy to accumulate dust and effectively reduce the fan noise;

Emergency shutdown
Emergency shutdown button is provided to deal with UPS emergencies;

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