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UPS power supply in education industry Oct 18, 2021


With the advent of the information and network era, the development of education is also moving towards openness and internationalization. Governments of all countries are paying more    attention to education and science and technology than ever before. At the same time, due to the instability of the power environment, the security risks are gradually emerging. Uninterruptible power supply is one of the important equipment to ensure the stable operation of computers, switches, servers and campus network, In view of the promotion of information construction in the education industry, EVADA has launched a simpler, more efficient, more reliable, safer and better managed ups and integrated power supply solution to provide a strong backing for the informatization and modernization of education.

Customer value

Customized solutions
According to the use scenarios and the power supply requirements of the load equipment, formulate the targeted power supply solutions;

Good learning environment
Adopt adjustable speed and low noise cooling fan to create a good learning environment for students;

Stable and reliable
Stable, reliable, truly achieve uninterrupted power supply and service;

Enhance comprehensive benefits
The number of batteries can be adjusted, and the shared battery pack is supported to realize on-site emergency adjustment and improve comprehensive benefits;

Intelligent operation and maintenance
For the computer room system, small, medium and large modular data center solutions can be configured according to the business needs to achieve rapid deployment, safe and reliable, efficient energy saving and intelligent operation and maintenance;

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