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UPS power supply in medical industry Oct 18, 2021


In medical institutions, with the development of information technology and the leap of intelligence, the application of UPS power supply is becoming more and more extensive and popular. In order to ensure the safety of patients, the buildings of medical institutions need to ensure uninterrupted power supply, so UPS power supply becomes indispensable. Compared with commercial or industrial applications, medical institutions require higher standards in UPS power protection system. Most of the hospital power loads are primary and secondary loads, and most of the medical equipment are precision instruments. The continuity of power is very high. The quality of power determines whether the medical equipment can operate normally, especially for large and specific high, precision and advanced medical equipment. High stability and reliability are the primary factors for UPS power selection of medical equipment. EVADA medical special HQ-YL series and HP-YL series are high-performance UPS developed for the special requirements of ups in the medical industry. They mainly supply power to the medical data system and medical equipment. The corresponding load equipment includes: management system of the center and each department, storage system, image display system, monitoring client system, server, X-ray monitoring equipment, ventilator, storage, CTMRI, Cr, biochemical analyzer, monitoring, self-help and other auxiliary equipment.

Customer value

Performance advantages
Using high-end UPS, it has the advantages of low heat loss, low noise, small size and long service life;

Flexible power supply mode
The power supply modes of single machine, parallel machine, single machine dual bus and parallel machine dual bus can be selected flexibly;

Modular data center
Matching the best modular data center solutions and smart power solutions;

All digital
Provide full digital manageable and visual monitoring platform to realize real-time control of power supply system;

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