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UPS solution for rail transit Oct 18, 2021


Urban rail transit involves many weak current equipment systems, such as special communication system, integrated monitoring system, office automation system, environment and equipment monitoring system, access control system, passenger information system, automatic fare collection system, etc. in recent years, urban rail transit develops rapidly, and each electromechanical system is a platform for rail transit operation command, enterprise management, passenger service and information transmission. To ensure the safe and efficient operation of the train and provide high-quality service for passengers. Among them, the reliability of power supply equipment has become the top priority. There are various loads in the municipal power grid, which cause interference and pollution to the grid, worsen the quality of power supply, and affect the normal operation of the load. Urban rail transit involves many weak equipment systems, such as communication, signal, integrated monitoring, environmental monitoring, office automation, access control, automatic fare collection, automatic fire alarm, screen door, etc. the main power supply of each electromechanical system of urban rail transit needs UPS device to ensure the normal operation of power supply. The construction purpose of UPS power supply system is to provide safe, green and reliable uninterrupted power supply for electrical equipment of electromechanical system through UPS power supply system, so as to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment.

Customer value

Centralized configuration
Reduce the number of UPS equipment, improve equipment reliability;

Unified UPS
Unified UPS equipment model, convenient for centralized purchase of equipment;

Monitoring and maintenance
It is conducive to unified monitoring and maintenance of ups;

Highly integrated
Highly integrated, reduce the area of UPS equipment;

Dual distribution system
Double power supply and distribution system is adopted, which has higher reliability;

Modular data
Provide modular data center solutions to achieve rapid deployment, energy saving and efficient, intelligent operation and maintenance;

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