Spain Small Scale Data Center Project

backup power supply

The project involves a significant Spanish company specializing in Uninterruptible Power Supply solutions, with a workforce of approximately 100 dedicated employees. Recognized for providing uninterrupted power supply products and advanced data center solutions, the company made a purchase in November 2022, acquiring the EVADA DTH33 Series 80kVA. This particular product is being deployed in a small-scale data center situated in Spain as part of their ongoing operations.

The EVADA DTH33 3 Phase Online Double Conversion UPS, a robust solution ensuring a reliable backup power supply. Its online double conversion ups architecture guarantees clean power delivery, shielding critical systems from voltage fluctuations. Enhanced by lithium ion UPS technology, it’s a 100kVA UPS (also available in 30kVA/40kVA/50kVA/60kVA/80kVA) offers efficient energy storage, minimizing maintenance costs and providing a range of powerful options.

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