Future-Forward: EVADA's Next-Gen Power Solutions at the 134th Canton Fair


15 October, 2023-the 134th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) grandly opened in Guangzhou. As a crucial window into China's foreign trade development, the Canton Fair highlights the continuous positive momentum of China's foreign trade. During this exhibition, EVADA focused on clean and renewable energy, presenting a series of leading products, including solar inverters, batteries, power conversion system, and uninterruptible power supplies. These innovations provide homes and businesses with greener, more efficient, and versatile energy solutions.

Diverse Product Line, Comprehensive Energy Solutions



    EVADA Uninterruptible Power Supplies(1-2400KVA) & Energy Storage System(1-2400KVA)


During the event, EVADA showcased solutions from its two major product lines: energy storage and uninterruptible power supplies(UPS). With "Photovoltaic Energy Storage Integration" as the key theme, EVADA offers a fresh perspective on the acquisition, storage, and utilization of renewable energy, injecting new vitality into the field. Leveraging over 20 years of rich experience in the UPS field, EVADA ensures the highest quality and reliability in its UPS products, solidifying its position as an industry leader.


Leading the Way, Shaping an Intelligent Green Future



   EMP Series Power Conversion System drew significant attention in Canton Fair


EVADA leads in green energy innovation with its EMP Series Power Conversion System, tailored for commercial and industrial use. Its debut drew significant attention, especially in regions like South Africa where frequent power outages disrupt operations. This system serves as reliable backups, ensuring uninterrupted functionality and data integrity, earning strong interest from South African clients.



   EMP Series Power Conversion System


This product features a modular design and this design supports up to 12 parallel modules, easily adaptable to diverse scenarios. With high-performance dual DSP, it achieves full digital control, reducing labor costs effectively.





             EVADA team at Canton Fair


In addition to this, EVADA's two solar inverters also captivated numerous exhibitors and attendees.



eLite Pro Series On&Off Grid Solar Inverter(3-5KVA) & eLite Series Off Grid Solar Inverter(3-5KVA)


The eLite Pro Series On&Off Grid Solar Inverter optimally utilizes both renewable and grid energy. Its intelligent energy management system schedules charging and discharging efficiently. With a high-frequency design, it boasts high power density, compact size, superior efficiency, and minimal no-load losses.


The eLite Series Off Grid Solar Inverter integrates a pure sine wave high-frequency inverter, MPPT controller and charger. Its advanced MPPT calculation and intelligent battery management makes it resilient to grid fluctuations, ideal for remote areas.


Driving Green Transformation, Fueling the Energy Evolution


In today's global green energy surge, EVADA leads the way with unwavering commitment to innovation and enhanced products, providing ever more reliable solutions for green energy application and storage. As a pioneer in China's energy sector and a proactive global contributor to green energy development, EVADA's future innovations at Canton Fairs promise to be exciting chapters in the ongoing green energy story.

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