DTH33E 3 Phase Parallel On Line UPS

  • DTH33E 3 Phase Parallel On Line UPS
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Applications: Communication, finance, security, data center, medical equipment, industrial control device

ABOUT DTH33E 3 Phase Parallel On Line UPS

The EVADA DTH33E 3 Phase Parallel On Line UPS stands as a parallel tower UPS, concurrently functioning as a 3 phase battery backup. Infused with critical power UPS features and PFC UPS capabilities, it embodies the essence of a UPS power generator. EVADA DTH33E UPS ensures not only optimized power distribution but also a stable supply, coupled with eco-friendly utilization.



Advanced Technology

*208~478VAC input range

*50/60Hz Auto-sensing

*N+X parallel technology

*Automated self-testing

*Generator compatible

*3 Phase battery backup


Outstanding Flexibility

*30-44 Units battery configurable (with neutral wire)

*5"-7" LCD touch screen&LED readout 

*Mains power start

*Cold start function

*Scalable power: parallel tower ups


Green Performance

*ECO mode for energy saving

*PFC UPS, input PF ≥ 0.99

*Communication: RS232, RS485, dry contact/SNMP


Parallel Tower UPS

N+X parallel configuration

3 Phase Battery Backup

3 Phase Input, 3 Phase Output


Energy-efficient solution for critical power application

UPS Power Generator

Inverter mode efficiency up to 95%-96%

Critical Power UPS 

Ideal for industries such as communication, finance, security and data centers, etc.


Model DTH33-30KEDTH33-60KE DTH33-120KE DTH33-150KE DTH33-180KEDTH33-210KE
Capacity 30kVA 60kVA 120kVA 150kVA 180kVA210kVA
Rated Voltage(3 Phase+N+PE) 380/400/415VAC
Voltage Range 304~478VAC (line voltage) full load; 208~304VAC (line voltage)
Frequency Range 50/60Hz (range: 40Hz ~ 70Hz)
Power Factor ≥0.99
THDi <3% (100% linear load); <5% (100% nonlinear load)
Voltage 380/400/415VAC (3 Phase+N)
Voltage Accuracy ±1%
Frequency Range

Synchronization Range: ±0.5Hz, ±1Hz, ±3Hz(configurable

Battery Mode: 50Hz ± 0.1Hz or 60Hz ± 0.1Hz

Overload 105%~110%, 60min; 110%~125%, 10min; 125%~150%, 1min; >150%, 0.2sec
Power Factor 0.8
THDu ≤2% @ (100% linear load);≤4% @ (100% nonlinear load)
Crest Factor3:1(Maximum)
Switching Time 0ms
Inverter Mode up to 95% up to 96%

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