E48 48V DC Embedded Telecom Rectifier

  • E48 48V DC Embedded Telecom Rectifier
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Applications: Base stations, small and medium size switching centers, wave network communications, satellite communications, data centers, etc.


The EVADA E48 48V DC Embedded Telecom Rectifier is equipped with a 48V rectifier module, offering stable and regulated DC power to meet the precision and reliability demands of telecom systems.


ups for power supply

High Reliability

*Wide input range, appropriate for harsh environment

*BMS: LVLD+LVBD functions, temperature compensation, automatic floating charging control, AVR, battery capacity calculation, online battery testing, etc

*Advanced CPU and multiple microprocessor control technology

telecom rectifier

Excellent Design

*Non-destructive hot-swappable technology: ≤1 min replacement time

*LiFePO4/Lead-acid battery compatible

*Digital-control active power factor compensation technology: input power factor is up to 0.99

48v rectifier

Perfect Protection

*Multiple protection: undervoltage, overload, overheat, short circuit, surge, lightning, fan fault alarm, fault display, historical alarm record storage, etc.


Telecom Rectifier

Efficiency≥92% at 220VAC 

DC Rectifier

Output ripple and noise≤200mVp-p

Rectifier Module

Single module capacity: 30A or 50A


Model HW30E-L50DC48
Capacity 30-1000A
Rated Voltage220VAC
Voltage Range Start: 140-290VAC, running: 90-290VAC
Rated Frequency43 - 67Hz (Typical value is 50/60Hz)
Power Factor ≥0.99
Rated Voltage -53.5VDC
Voltage Range -42 ~ -58VDC
Voltage Stabilizing Accuracy


Single Module Capacity 30 or 50A
Current 30 ~ 1000A
Output Ripple and Noise ≤200mVp-p
Power On Output Delay3 ~ 8s
Broadband Noise Voltage

≤100mV at 3.4 - 150 KHz

≤30mV at 150 - 30 MHz

Telephone Weight Noise Voltage≤2mV
Dynamic Response

Overshoot amplitude: △V: ≤5%Vo ; Recovery time: △t: ≤500µS

Current Sharing Imbalance≤5%
Temperature Coefficient±0.02%/℃
Efficiency≥92% at 220VAC rated load, ≥87% at 110VAC rated load
Inverter Mode 95%
ECO Mode99%

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