HW 48V AC To DC Power Converter For Telecom

  • HW 48V AC To DC Power Converter For Telecom
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Applications: 5G base station, SPC exchange access network, transmission equipment, mobile communication, satellite earth station, microwave communication equipment

ABOUT HW 48V AC To DC Power Converter For Telecom

The EVADA HW 48V AC to DC Power Converter for Telecom is an ac to dc converter transforms AC input into 48V power supply, utilizing UPS power battery technology for reliable performance.


ups power battery

Intelligent Management

*BMS: LVLD+LVBD functions, temperature compensation, automatic floating charging control, AVR, battery capacity calculation, online battery testing, etc

*Unmanned function 

*Supports RS485, dry contact monitors information in real time*APP (optional) supports remote meter reading

*Built-in wireless monitoring system

48v power supply

Flexible Design

*Output 48VDC modules for selection

*Allows wall mounting, pole mounting, and floor mounting

*IP65, suitable for various outdoor environment

*Modular design for easy installation, O&M

*LiFePo4 battery pack with reserved battery expansion

ac to dc power supply

Advanced Technology

*Input power factor: up to 0.99 

*Wide input range. AC: 90~290V, DC: 200~400VDC

*Full-bridge soft switching technology: full-load efficiency≥ 96% 

*Wide working temperature: -40℃ ~ 55℃

*Ultra low radiation and advanced EMC design


48v Power Supply

Battery voltage: 48V, peak to peak noise voltage: ≤200mV

AC To DC Power Supply

Conversion efficiency up to 96.5% at 50% rated load and 96% at 100% rated load

UPS Power Battery

Capacity: 2kW/3kW


Model HW20E-L50DC48 HW30E-L50DC48
Capacity 2kW 3kW
Power Factor >0.98(30% rated load);>99%(100% rated load)
Voltage -43VDC ~-58VDC
Voltage Regulation Accuracy <±0.6%

>96.5%(50% rated load);>96%(100% rated load)

Peak To Peak Noise Voltage ≤200mV
Source Effect≤±0.1%
Load Effect ≤±0.5%
Overvoltage Protection ≥120% of rated voltage
Undervoltage Protection≤80% of rated voltage
Overcurrent ProtectionThe current limiting range of output current can be adjusted between 20% and 110% of its nominal value

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