With the bussiness philosophy of relying on technological innovation and quality to achieve success, ensuring service, and creating brand glory, EVADA strives to be a vanguard in the realm of electricity energy transformation.



EVADA's mission is clear and powerful: deliver reliability and efficiency through relentless innovation and customer-centric focus. EVADA is not just about electricity; EVADA is about crafting a superior electrical experience that's safe, uninterrupted, and infused with EVADA touch of care and quality.



Self-Confident: Confidence and efficiency is the demeanor of EVADA people, derived from the trust in the value of the company and the pursuit of perfection in work.

Innovatively Surpassing Limits: Always pushing for breakthroughs innovatively with the determination to overtake and excel.

Collaborative for Shared Success: Cooperation is the team spirit of EVADA people. uniting towards a common goal, sharing success through collective effort.


Product Knowledge and Skill Training

Evada pays attention to talent cultivation and talent growth, and is committed to improving the professional level and work abiity of employees. The company has a complete training and education system, covering pre-sales, after-sales, products, sales and other aspects with corresponding courses. The company conducts training from time to time, makes good personnel planning, and endorses the company's strategic development goals.


Product Skill Training

Cooperation and Communication Conference

Evada has its footprints all over the world. In order to implement the corporate culture, maintain "love", build trust and achieve win-win, different exchange meetings are held every year. In addition to the summary meeting of the company's internal development, there are also more channels and industry cooperation meetings. Talk face-to-face with employees and customers, so that different people and ideas can come together, collide with each other, create sparks, and generate some creative and practical "good ideas", and make decisions through meetings.




Sports Game

Evada holds sports games every year for every employee to actively participate. Gather team spirit and transmit company culture. Build harmonious team relationships and cultivate a spirit of unity and friendship; display the style of the department and enhance cohesion.



Holiday Benefits

Evada provides employees with a variety of benefits and a variety of activities, including the Spring Festival Gala, the Mid-Autumn Festival and Southern Fujian traditional competitions, birthday gifts, etc. EVADA believes in the power of community, where every employee's contribution is valued.


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