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  • UPS power supply for energy and chemical industry
    UPS power supply for energy and chemical industry
    Summary EVADA industrial UPS power supply solution is designed for energy and chemical system to ensure the normal and stable operation of oil production control system, refining and chemical production control system, product oil transportation compressor station, oil sales and gas station monitoring network system and other equipment in the environment that meets the operation standards. Customer value Intelligent numerical control Adopt CNC intelligent industrial products, all components have high quality and high reliability; Isolation design Industrial isolation design of input and output can effectively restrain the interference of input and output, and provide reliable power supply for equipment; Save user space The fan variable speed cooling system is designed on the top of the cabinet, which can be installed on the wall to save user space; Variable speed energy saving The new vortex fan has excellent heat dissipation performance, variable speed and energy saving; Strong adaptability Adapt to high temperature, high humidity, dust, salt, corrosive gas, vibration and other harsh working environment; Enhanced design Enhanced combination structure cabinet design, can be equipped with a variety of components to improve the IP level, suitable for a variety of harsh industrial environment; Anticorrosive insulation All circuit boards are sprayed with anti-corrosion insulating paint, with insulation, moisture-proof, anti-leakage, anti-shock, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging and corona resistance; Related cases China Russia east gas pipeline project South yolotan gas field in Turkmenistan Petrochina Lanzhou Petrochemical Changting catalyst project
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  • "Dimension X3" modular data center solution
    summary EVADA’s "DimensionX3" intelligent micro module is a new generation of modular data center products. It is committed to providing users with simple, reliable and efficient data center solutions, integrating many years of experience of EVADA. Based on the industry experience and R & D technology, the consistency of appearance, interface and protocol design is satisfied on the principle of ensuring the reliability and security of the data center infrastructure. The modular design is adopted to ensure the reliability and security of the data center infrastructure. The power supply, refrigeration, monitoring, cabinet, channel and wiring systems are effectively integrated. The products can be rapidly deployed and flexibly expanded, making the data center infrastructure more energy-efficient, intelligent and flexible, and significantly improving the reliability and availability of the data center. Customer value Safe and reliable Data center infrastructure product standardization, efficient matching, improve system reliability; product level ex-factory inspection, get higher quality assurance; intelligent monitoring, improve data center safe and reliable operation and maintenance management. Fast and flexible deployment Standardized components, de engineering and overall delivery; factory prefabrication and pre commissioning, on-site plug and play; matching according to business development, rapid expansion; various product types are rich, power supply and distribution, refrigeration, cabinet and other subsystems can be integrated and deployed according to different scenarios. High efficiency and energy saving Efficient power supply and distribution structure, close to heat source refrigeration mode, closed channel isolation of cold and hot air flow, effectively reduce PUE value, save energy consumption by more than 20 ~ 30%, achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction and efficient operation, and reduce operation cost. Operation and maintenance intelligence The monitoring system carries out centralized management of power, environment, security, fire protection and other conditions, and provides real-time online monitoring through sound and light, SMS, app and other alarm modes, so as to provide operation and maintenance efficiency; it realizes 7x24 hour comprehensive monitoring and intelligent management, supports remote management of multi outlets and rapid fault location. Related cases Intelligent cabinet project of a commercial bank Data center computer room of Heilongjiang ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT CADRE COLLEGE Weak current and intelligent equipment procurement and installation project of Lanzhou No.11 middle school reconstruction Campus
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  • "DimensionX1" modular data center
    Summary "Cloud computing + edge computing" has become a new data processing mode. Many micro / small IDC are distributed on the network edge side close to users. Avida's "EconVal E" single cabinet micro modular data center deeply integrates the infrastructure products of the data center, taking the cabinet as the carrier, combining with the distributed power system DPS (or UPS + maintenance free lead-acid battery) and power distribution system. In order to provide customers with a simple, practical, safe and reliable equipment environment, a number of subsystems, such as rack type variable frequency air conditioning, emergency ventilation, monitoring, fire protection, are integrated in a closed cabinet. The integration of installation and service can reduce the difficulty of computer room planning and improve the experience of IT infrastructure. Customer value intelligent management Built in powerful monitoring and management system, equipped with 10 inch large color touch screen, it can directly read the temperature and humidity, UPS, air conditioning, power distribution and other parameters from the display screen; it can view the health degree and PUE value in the cabinet in real time; it can also remotely monitor the operating parameters in the cabinet, and can be connected to the superior monitoring platform. Energy saving The fully closed cold and hot channels, together with EC variable frequency rack air conditioning and high efficiency UPS, can save more than 30% energy compared with the traditional small data center construction mode. Save space With integrated design, the floor area is only 0.72 m2, saving more than 40% compared with the traditional construction mode; DPS can also be selected, which can reduce the floor area and weight by half compared with the traditional UPS + lead-acid battery, so as to improve the installation probability of business equipment. Safe and reliable Closed micro environment, less dependence on the surrounding environment, dust-proof, anti-noise; to ensure the reliable operation of " EconVal E ", equipped with emergency fan, smoke, temperature, access control to provide protection for the overall operation, linkage fire. Rapid deployment Factory production and assembly, site rapid installation, according to the load can be quickly expanded. Recommended scheme Power from main cabinet 1 set 3kW Internal director UPS 1 set 3〜6kVA Interior frame air conditioner 1 set Single chiller 3.5kw Rack battery pack 8 / 16 14AH/12V Available space of IT equipment 28U Power from main cabinet 1 set 3kW Built in UPS 1 set DPS-3KVA~6kVA Interior frame air conditioner 1 set Single cooling capacity 3.5kw Rack battery pack Lithium iron phosphate battery 10AH Available space of IT equipment 32U Advantages 1.Integrated design, covering an area of 0.72m2, saving room space. 2.The ups and battery pack are designed separately, and the backup time is easy to expand. 3.Rack air conditioner 5u design, high density, close to the origi...
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EVADA modular UPS helped to successfully hold the joint action of carbon peak and carbon neutralization in Chengdu Chongqing twin city economic circle
EVADA modular UPS helped to successfully hold the joint action of carbon peak and carbon neutralization in Chengdu Chongqing twin city economic circle Jan 13, 2022
On December 14, the fourth meeting of Chongqing Sichuan joint conference of Party and government was held in Yibin City, Sichuan Province. In order to ensure the smooth development of the meeting, the power supply of the meeting was guaranteed by Yibin company of State Grid, and emergency power generation vehicles were deployed from Leshan company and ABA company of State Grid to provide power supply for the meeting. Due to the large power consumption of conference LCD display screen and other loads, and the long power collection distance of display screen and other key loads, the screen may flicker and voltage drop, resulting in insufficient screen brightness and potential power consumption. In order to ensure the stable operation of conference LCD display and other key equipment, the power supply on site is provided by the emergency power generation vehicle, which is equipped with EVADA hq-m300 (300kVA) modular UPS system. Under the fast and professional service of EVADA's technical team and the reliable performance of modular UPS, several equipment using pure 220VAC sine wave AC power supply operated smoothly on the meeting site, including the display screen, and perfectly completed the power protection task, so that the meeting could be held smoothly. EVADA hq-m300 modular UPS adopts a fully modular hot plug design to complete online maintenance and capacity expansion in five minutes. The design of independent air duct, high power density and 96.5% overall efficiency ensure the simplicity, reliability and efficiency of the product, which is also the reason why it can play an important role in the key moment of the joint action of carbon peak and carbon neutralization in the twin city economic circle of Chengdu and Chongqing. As a national high-tech enterprise and the holder of China's well-known trademark "Evada", EVADA group has 31 sales and service institutions in China, ranking among the top ten UPS enterprises in China. The purpose of the company is to become a leader in the field of power conversion. Driven by the current "double carbon" goal, EVADA has made every effort to focus on the exploration in the field of electric energy conversion. In the future, EVADA will continue to dig deeply in the field of electric energy conversion, actively explore the application of green energy and contribute to the goal of "double carbon".
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EVADA 2020 Commendation Conference held
EVADA 2020 Commendation Conference held Nov 11, 2021
Due to the impact of the epidemic, EVADA 2020 outstanding recognition was postponed to yesterday. The leaders of the company and more than 200 employees and managers of various departments and subsidiaries attended the commendation meeting. At the commendation meeting, "excellent employee of the year", "service star", "R & D star", "sales champion", "excellent manager" and "excellent team" appeared on the stage, and the leaders of the company issued the "annual excellent honor certificate" to the excellent representatives respectively. Wang Yongjun, chairman of the board, made a concluding speech. He reviewed the main tasks in 2020 and summed up the outstanding achievements in every aspect of the year's income, sales, market share and enterprise scale in 2020, scientifically, objectively and accurately, and thanked all the staff for their hard work in 2020. He also pointed out that this year, due to many factors such as COVID-19, energy saving and emission reduction, the inflation rate is very high. With the continuous rise of raw material costs, the company is facing challenges in supply chain, manpower, finance, sales and other aspects. Under the heavy pressure, EVADA has overcome difficulties this year and won the "little giant" enterprise specialized by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the "little giant" enterprise of Science and technology in Fujian Province, and the big achievement-“Top five UPS domestic brand in China”. In the future, pressure and power must coexist. “I hope we can turn pressure into power, turn crisis into opportunity, meet and overcome difficulties, work tenaciously and achieve steady development.” "Happiness comes from struggle." let's bear in mind the earnest teachings of Chairman Wang Yongjun. In this era when competitiveness is greater than execution, take "everything is better" as a new starting point, unite as one, work hard with one heart and one mind, and jointly build a more brilliant, brilliant and beautiful "century EVADA".
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Couldz Size-X3 Data Center solutions helps Hongfa to build an innovative data center
Couldz Size-X3 Data Center solutions helps Hongfa to build an innovative data center Nov 09, 2021
Hongfa Co., Ltd. is a high-tech electronic device enterprise with the whole industrial chain from product R & D, manufacturing, parts manufacturing to automatic finished product assembly and online testing. The products cover many categories, such as relays, low-voltage electrical appliances, high and low-voltage complete sets of equipment, capacitors, precision parts and automation equipment. As a world-famous relay brand and a leading enterprise in China, Hongfa adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship, creates a brand with quality, and has been committed to the development and progress of the industry. Industrial Development and technology empowerment - in the industrial 3.0 era, big data is a fast track for enterprises to develop rapidly and move towards the industrial 4.0 era. Through the analysis of big data, we can find an accurate positioning and development direction for enterprises' R & D, production and sales. With the continuous growth of business volume of global subsidiaries, Hongfa's business data storage demand is also increasing. In order to meet the growing business storage needs of global subsidiaries, EVADA recommended data center solutions that meet the needs of the enterprise after in-depth understanding for many times, and provided a set of upgraded micro module data center products. Reduce comprehensive energy consumption by more than 30% The micro module is equipped with high-efficiency and energy-saving modular UPS, high-efficiency power supply and distribution architecture, close to the heat source refrigeration mode, closed channels to isolate the cold and hot air flow, effectively reduce pue value, save energy consumption by more than 20 ~ 30%, achieve the effect of energy conservation, emission reduction and efficient operation, and reduce operating costs. Rapid deployment, efficient and reliable Standardized components such as power supply and distribution, refrigeration, cabinet and other subsystems of the micro module data center are prefabricated and pre debugged in the factory, de engineered, delivered as a whole, and plug and play on site, ensuring the rapid launch of Hongfa's business. In the later stage, it can be matched according to business development and expanded rapidly. Intelligent operation and maintenance to improve efficiency The intelligent dynamic monitoring system can centrally manage the power, environment, security, fire protection and other conditions, and real-time online monitoring can be carried out through a variety of alarm methods such as sound, light and SMS, so as to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency; Realize 7x24 hour comprehensive monitoring and intelligent management, support multi network remote management and fast fault location.
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EVADA integrated power supply - a good
EVADA integrated power supply - a good "partner" of 5g base station Oct 19, 2021
In 2020, COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the world, causing a certain impact on all walks of life. However, the "home economy" which was spawned during the epidemic prevention also accelerated the process of digital transformation in various fields. 5G+ HD video, 5G+ telemedicine, 5G+ intelligent prevention and control began to enter people's lives. At present, 5g's business scenario has been extended to transportation, education, medical treatment, power grid, cultural tourism, factories and other fields. With the further improvement of China's 5g construction, 5g will fully penetrate into more industries. 5g development, base station first. As an important leader of 5g technical standards, China has leading advantages in equipment, network and application. According to the data, in 2020, China will build more than 600000 new 5g base stations, and all of them have opened more than 718000, accounting for more than 70% of the number of global base stations, ranking first in the world. As the first year of the 14th five year plan, China will also accelerate the optimization and upgrading of information infrastructure and the large-scale deployment of 5g network. 2021 and 2022 will be the peak of 5g base station construction, and the number of new base stations is expected to reach 800000 and 900000 respectively. As a professional manufacturer of communication power supply, EVADA always pays close attention to the industry dynamics, grasps the market demand, actively responds to the call of "new base station", and provides professional communication base station energy for 5g network coverage construction. In the recent centralized procurement project of outdoor small integrated DC power products tendered by China Mobile Group, EVADA has made outstanding performance and successfully won the bid sections of 2kW and 3KW! Reliable and efficient products are naturally favored by everyone. The 5g blade power supply independently developed by EVADA has the characteristics of natural heat dissipation, high efficiency and energy saving, rapid deployment and flexible capacity expansion. It supports a variety of installation methods such as wall hanging, pole holding, landing and flag. It has IP65 protection grade and can be applied to various outdoor scenes. The specific characteristics are as follows: Safe and reliable ■ the shell is made of Al6061, with high strength and toughness; Good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance; The paint baking process is adopted. The surface is polished for many times, then primed, dried, polished and baked at high temperature. After forming, the surface is bright and smooth, with wear resistance, durability, rust prevention and corrosion resistance; ■ sealing rubber rings are added between the upper and lower shells, and the connection terminals of all interfaces are located under the equipment, with good waterproof performance; ■ the interface terminal adopts waterproof connector with protection grade of IP65, which has ...
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Deliver the goods!EVADA ranked top 5 domestic Brands In China's UPS Market
Deliver the goods!EVADA ranked top 5 domestic Brands In China's UPS Market Oct 19, 2021
Recently, CCID Consulting, an authoritative consulting organization in China's key power supply and distribution field, released the Research Report on China's UPS product market from 2020 to 2021, and EVADA brand was ranked among the top 5 domestic brands in China's UPS market in 2020. Since its establishment in 1998, EVADA has always been deeply engaged in the high-end power supply market, adhering to market-oriented and customer-centered. The top 5 domestic brands in China's UPS market this time can not be separated from the trust and affirmation of customers and partners. The company will make persistent efforts to climb the peak and continue to provide customers with high-quality, highly reliable, energy-saving, environmental protection, intelligent and easy-to-use product solutions and services. EVADAs power frequency UPS, high frequency UPS, modular UPS, modular data center and other product solutions are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, military industry, communication, government, education, finance, medical treatment, transportation, data center and other industries. At present, it is at the peak of new infrastructure construction, and the data center, as a key link, is in the stage of rapid development. In the future, EVADA will continue to build the core competitiveness of UPS products with military quality, adhere to the high reliability and uncompromising, make the potential downtime loss close to "0", and ensure the product concept of "making the best use of everything" for every power supply guarantee investment. It will be intelligently integrated with EVADA‘s modular data center solution to create a minimalist product data center. With the digital transformation of all walks of life, new infrastructure has become a new engine of economic development. The 5g base station, UHV, new energy, data center and other fields under the new infrastructure cover all aspects of EVADA's business. The cake of the market under the tuyere of the times is expanding rapidly. EVADA, which is at the outlet of the times, will seize the tide of the times, insight into the market direction with your partners, grasp the new opportunities in the Chinese market, share more open and more vitality channel value, and share the cake of this market through sincere cooperation with your channel partners, so as to contribute to the development of new infrastructure.
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