Factory Profile

Evada factory was established in 1998 and is located in Xiamen City, Fujian Province. Evada has been focusing on power conversion and smart energy field, offering solutions for data center, digital power, energy storage and Solar energy for more than 25years. After years of development, it already has advanced production equipment and technology, as well as an experienced management team and technical team. From product design, raw material procurement, manufacturing to product inspection, all are strictly implemented in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system.

EVADA factory has nearly 30000 square meters at Xiamen headquarters, more than 100 employees on the factory line, including production personnel, technical personnel and management personnel.


EVADA factory is equipped with a complete full-process production line, ranging from PCBA, sheet metal lines, assembly lines for products of various power sizes, and advanced testing platforms with intelligent full-touch 1.6MW non-linear RCD load test, which meets the requirements for high-power testing.

According to the power, the factory line is divided into high-power production area and small power production area. And according to some more special industries (communications, military industry, data center), special production areas have been set up.

PCBA Manufacturing Lines

SMT production line.png

SMT Production Line

SMT machine.png

SMT Machine

PCBA Testing platform.png

PCBA Testing Platform

ATE testing platform.png

ATE Testing Platform

Assembly Lines

single phase UPS assembly line.png

Single Phase UPS Assembly Line

single phase UPS testing.png

Single Phase UPS Testing

3 phase UPS assembly lines.png

Three-Phase UPS Assembly Line

3 phase UPS testing.png

Three-Phase UPS Testing

Sheet Metal Lines

On May 15th 2024, EVADA opened its new Sheet Metal Division in Xiamen, China. The Sheet Metal Division consists of manufacturing workshops, test platforms and office areas of a total of 1,400 square meters, with advanced equipment, experienced R&D teams and technicians.





EVADA factory also has 1.6MW test equipment, which means that the Evada product strategy is to develop in the direction of high power.

EVADA warehouse has advanced storage equipment and technology. The warehouse is equipped with large shelves, climate control systems and safety monitoring equipment to ensure that raw materials and finished products can be optimally protected and managed during storage.

load test (1.6MW).png

1.6MW Test Equipment

raw material warehouse.png


worker in the rain.jpg

Logistics and Delivery


Logistics and Delivery

R&D Research Center

 With Xiamen and Shenzhen R&D Centers, EVADA holds patents for inventions, utitlity models, designs and software copyrights, engaged in drafting several industry standards.

Shenzhen R&D research center.jpg

shenzhen R&D center.jpg

Shenzhen R&D research center2.jpg

shenzhen r&d center3.jpg

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