Pre-sales and After-sales Support


Presales Guidance for Power Solutions

We believe in fostering a deep understanding of our company's ethos and strengths to provide our customers with the confidence they need in our services. We engage in open dialogue with project developers and product managers to identify and confirm the unique advantages of our products. Through collaborative efforts, we determine the key selling points and analyze potential markets for product development, ensuring that our offerings meet the diverse needs of our client.


Expert Technical Support at Your Service

Application-Focused expertise from thousands of successful implementations. Tailoring technical product specifications, user manuals, and materials to optimize flow based on client’s specific applications. EVADA’s services encompass prospecting, lead qualification, product and market research, data and customer analysis, crafting unique selling propositions, managing deal qualifications, and creating proposals, ensuring a comprehensive approach to client’s needs.


Training, Resources, Support for Product Optimization

Facilitating product integration, EVADA’s comprehensive support includes installation materials, debugging seminars, product updates, training courses, online educational resources, and user manuals. Our aim is to assist customers in maximizing the effective use of our products.


Custom Solutions: Tailored Services and System Design

Crafting targeted plans based on customer needs and formal bidding documents. Offering customized OEM services for brand, production, and labeling according to customer designs. Specialized design of power systems to meet unique client requirements.

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