• Is there training for overseas customers?

    Yes, training is available for overseas customers. EVADA offer comprehensive product training primarily conducted online. Our overseas pre-sales technical team, consisting of engineers with professional expertise and proficiency in foreign languages, ensures effective and tailored training experiences for customers globally.

  • Is EVADA product certified?

    Yes, all our products generally carry CE certification, and we also hold additional certifications customized for specific markets. For example, we have obtained South Korea's KC certification for relevant products, ensuring compliance with regional standards.

  • What is the product warranty period?

    The product warranty period spans 18 months. For customers who may not require warranty service, we offer the option to receive replacement spare parts.

  • What after-sales services are provided?

    At EVADA, we prioritize clients’ satisfaction and the optimal performance of our products. We provide comprehensive after-sales services, including online installation guidance. If a machine require repair, our engineers are readily available for on-site assistance upon request.

  • Should small companies invest in UPS?

    Power issues can arise unexpectedly, impacting computers, servers, and networks crucial for small companies, much like their significance in large enterprise data centers. The potential harm to hardware and the subsequent loss of goodwill and sales due to a power outage can be significant. Investing in a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a prudent measure to safeguard against such disruptions.

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