Supercharge the Southeast Asia Government Events, Riding the Power Wave with EVADA's Backup System


industrial UPS

EVADA support the Southeast Asia government events with HQ33 Series Industrial UPS

On March 14, 2024, with the support of EVADA's power supply solutions, a major government event in Southeast Asian countries unfolded seamlessly.


Addressing the challenges posed by the country’s diverse geography, especially in remote or outdoor event areas, EVADA has provided crucial support for the smooth conduct of the event’s process. Nowhere was this more evident than in its capital city, where the power infrastructure can sometimes be strained under heavy demand. To ensure stable, reliable, and quality power supply during the event, EVADA collaborated with the local state grid to deploy four 300kVA industrial UPS units.


300kVA UPS

1200kVA Container system: four 300kVA HQ33 Series Industrial UPS parallel

Equipped with advanced features such as IGBT power components, output isolation transformer, surge and short circuit protection, the EVADA HQ33 Industrial UPS demonstrated its flexibility and versatility, enabling the host to swiftly respond to potential power interruptions. The four EVADA HQ33 Industrial UPS formed independent power backup units, strategically connected in parallel to build a robust 1200kVA system. This unified setup provided essential power support for event operations and its electronic systems across various stations.


container system

EVADA HQ33 Series Industrial UPS

The versatile EVADA HQ33 Industrial UPS is ideal for medical equipment, data centers, precision instruments, banks, etc. Featuring N+1 redundant cooling system and a built-in manual maintenance bypass switch. Equipped with an output isolation transformer and utilizing phase-locked loop technology, it ensures stable performance. With support for cold start ranging from 10 to 80kVA, comprehensive protection features, automated self-testing, it delivers reliable power backup for critical applications. The 7" color touch screen display provides intuitive control in multiple languages, enhancing usability.


The successful deployment of the EVADA HQ33 Series 300kVA industrial UPS system ensured the smooth conduct of the event, laying a solid foundation for development prioritizing stability, efficiency, and innovation. In the future, EVADA will continue to leverage its product advantages to assist clients in achieving higher management efficiency and better business outcomes. This will be coupled with efforts to deepen cooperation with various sectors both domestically and internationally, continually improving product quality and service standards, and contributing to the sustainable development of the global power industry.

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