Sparking Excitement: EVADA's Grand Return to Solar Storage Live Africa


Off Grid Solar Inverter

EVADA teams at Solar Storage Live Africa

18-20 March, 2024, the Solar Storage Live Africa opened grandly at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg. EVADA shows up big with its renewable energy solutions, received widespread recognition from attendees, contributing to South Africa's energy transition and sustainable development, co-creating a green and bright future.


As the largest and most influential renewable energy exhibition in South Africa, EVADA fully prepared and stood out prominently with its lates product technology and outstanding quality.


hybrid solar inverter

During the exhibition, EVADA displayed its residential and commercial energy storage products and solutions, attracting numerous visitors interested in gaining a thorough understanding of the products and the company. The sales team offered expert guidance and support to attendees.


container system

The eLite Series Off Grid Solar Inverter covers a power range of 3-5kW. offering flexibly configuration options for single-phase or three-phase setups and has multiple system integration features. It’s a combination of pure sine wave solar inverter and integrated MPPT charger. It can be easily accommodating to lithium batteries, with the capability to parallel up to 9 units. Equipped with intelligent WIFI monitoring, users gain easy access to operational data. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with generators and the grid, providing a reliable and comprehensive solar solution.


Off Grid Solar Inverter

The eMatrix Series Power Conversion System (PCS) is tailored for industrial and commercial energy storage applications. With a modular design, each module operates independently, enabling centralized management and control, offering cost-effective operation. It also supports multi-unit parallel operation, which makes it capable of easily integrating into diverse scenarios.


 hybrid solar inverter

South Africa, with its vitality and potential, is emerging as a focal point in the global green energy landscape. This exhibition has brought fresh impetus into the renewable energy industry, both domestically and globally. EVADA aims to leverage this international platform to showcase its technological prowess and brand identity, further enhancing collaboration with customers.


In the wave of the new energy revolution, EVADA remains committed to the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" strategy, continuously providing outstanding renewable energy solutions to the global market. Positioned for collaboration, EVADA looks ahead to a promising future in the new energy industry.

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