On&Off Grid Inverter 5KW

  • On&Off Grid Inverter 5KW
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  • 4-5 weeks
  • 3000pcs/month
eLite Pro Seires works with solar panels and batteries to form an energy storage system. Featuring backup mode to ensure the stable power supply when utility failed


The EVADA eLite Pro Solar Energy Hybrid Inverter works with solar panels and batteries to form an energy storage system. It can be used to optimize self-consumption and store the excess power in the battery. Multiple working modes to meet users' needs, featuring backup mode to ensure the stable power supply when utility failed.


5kw inverter

User Friendly

*Compact and light weight design for easy installation

*IP65 rated, natural cooling convection, maintenance-free and reduces acoustic noise, suitable for use in various outdoor environment

*Built-in dual loop integrated MPPT charger

*Multiple working modes for various applications

*LCD status display provides real-time information readouts

solar inverter on off grid

Comprehensive Function

*Anti-islanding protection and anti-countercurrent design

*Battery reverse polarity protection

*Enables multiple ways of protection and fault detection to ensure the safety of the equipment

*Advanced BMS allows configuration of charge and discharge time*Supports multiple ways of monitoring


5KW Inverter

AC output (nominal apparent power): 3000-5000VA

Photovoltaic Inverter

Built-in dual loop integrated MPPT charger

Hybrid Inverter

Allowing power from PV/grid/back up source

Inverter for Home

5 Working modes for different situation: self-consumption mode, force time mode, feed in mode, back up mode, off-grid mode


Model EHS-3000-BH EHS-3600-BH EHS-4000-BH EHS-4600-BH EHS-5000-BH
Battery typeLithium-ion
Nominal battery voltage(V) 300
Battery voltage range(V) 170 ~ 460
Max. continuous charging current(A) 25
Max. continuous discharging current(A) 25
Max. charging power(W)30003600400046005000
Max. discharging power(W)30003600400046005000
Max. input power(W) 40004800535061506650
Max. input voltage(V) 570
MPPT operating voltage range(V)


Start-up voltage(V) 125
Nominal input voltage(V) 360
Max. input current per MPPT(A) 13.5
Max. short circuit current per MPPT(A)16.5
Number of MPP trackers2
String per MPP trackers1
AC Output(On-grid)
Nominal apparent power(VA) 3000 3600400046005000
Max. apparent power(Output to utility grid) (VA)30003600400046005000
Max. apparent power(Output from utility grid) (VA)600072008000920010000
Nominal output voltage(V)230/220
Nominal grid frequency(Hz)50/60
Max.AC current(Output to utility grid) (A)13.616.318.22122.7
Max. AC current(Output from utility grid) (A)27.232.636.44245.4
Power factorConfigurable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging
Max. total harmonic distortion(%)<3

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