South African Hospital Modular UPS Backup Power Project

3 Phase Modular UPS

A prominent South African manufacturer operating in the medical equipment and electronic products sector, with approximately 400 employees, has established a commendable reputation for delivering high-quality devices and cutting-edge electronic products. The project, commenced in January 2023, focused on procuring the EVADA HQ-M Series 300kVA. This decision was made to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted power supply for critical medical operations, underscoring the dedication to upholding the highest standards in medical equipment functionality and reliability. 

The EVADA HQ-M 3 Phase 60kVA Modular UPS – a scalable UPS device offering flexibility with 60kVA UPS modules (available in the range of 40kVA to 800kVA). This 3 Phase Modular UPS is engineered for reliability and efficiency, providing adaptable power solutions for a wide range of industry applications. It serve as a robust Uninterruptible Power Supply.

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