Modular UPS 800KVA

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HQ-M 800kVA, 3 Phase Input, 3 Phase Output Modular UPS 800KVA can be widely used in postal communications, financial securities, government agencies, energy and chemical industry, transportation, industrial and commercial taxation, medical and health, national defense and military and other electrical equipment that require reliable power supply.


Modular UPS is the latest industry-leading fully digital uninterruptible power supply product launched by our company. The system adopts a fully modular design, with a capacity configuration of 800KVA. It is simple to expand, easy to maintain, and has high cost performance and availability.The UPS design complies with the European and international standards.


Modular UPS 800KVA

Intelligent Flexibility

*Hot-swappable bypass/power module

*30-44 units battery configurable

*Fan speed automatically adjusts according to the load

*Cold start function

*Multiple communication methods

High power UPS

High Reliability

*Distributed control system for power module

*Isolated air duct for key components

*BMS monitors battery information in real time

*Power module N+X redundancy design

double conversion online

Green Performance

*Efficiency up to 96%

*Output PF = 1

*Maintenance bypass mode

*THDi < 3% and input PF > 0.99


Modular UPS Systems

Offering scalability for easy expansion or reduction of capacity

Rackmount UPS

Rack-mountable for optimized space efficiency


Capacity: 40kVA/50kVA/80kVA/100kVA/120kVA/150kVA

Online UPS

Topology: online double conversion


Cabinet Type5(4+1) Modules7(6+1) Modules12(8+4)  Modules12(10+2) Modules12 Modules14 Modules
Power Module Capacity40kVA/50kVA50kVA50kVA/60kVA60kVA
Rated Voltage3 Phase+N+PE 380/400/415VAC(Line voltage)
Rated Frequency50/60Hz
Voltage Range (Full Load)304478VAC
Frequency Range40 ~ 70Hz
Power Factor>0.99
THDi3%(100% linear load);<5%(100% non-linear load
Rated Voltage380/400/415VAC(Line voltaget)
Voltage RangeDefault: -20% ~ +15%configurable, upper limit: +10%, +15%, +20%, +25%lower limit: -10%, -15%, -20%, -30%, -40%
Voltage±240VDC(±180 ~ ±264VDC, 30-44 units configurable, default: 40 units)
Rated Voltage380V/400V/415V(Line voltage)
Rated Frequency50/60Hz
Power Factor
Voltage Accuracy≤±1.0% @ balanced load ≤±5.0% @ unbalanced load
Frequency Accuracy50/60Hz ± 0.1%
Frequency Tracking Range±0.5Hz ~ ±5Hz, configurable, default: ±3Hz
THDu≤2%(100% linear load), ≤4%(nonlinear load)
Three-Phase Accuracy120° ± 1°
Crest Factor3:1
Overload105%,long run;   105% ~ 110%,60min;   110 ~  125%,10min125 150%,1min;    >150%,switch to the bypass immediately
Display10” Color touch screen +LED
WiringSupport top in and bottom inTop in
StandardIEC62040-1-1; IEC62040-2; IEC62040-3
OptionalLightning protection module, dustproof net, load break switch cable, seismic kit
Protection ClassIP20
CommunicationRS232/RS485, optional: SNMP/dry contact
Operating Temperature0 ~ 40°C
Humidity0 ~ 95%(Non-condensing)
Altitude1000M no derate, 1000m derate 1% per 100m
Noise<  70dB @ 1m
System W x D x H(mm)600 × 850 × 2000600 × 1100 × 20001000 × 1100 × 20001800 × 850 × 2000
Module W x D x H(mm)440 x 720 x 130(3U)
System(kg190 286.5 372.5 610 
Module(kg32.5(40kVA), 33.5(50kVA), 35(60kVA)
* Specifications subject to change without notice.
* When battery number is 30/32/34 units, power derate.

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