EVADA Supports Government Event in Southeast Asia

uninterruptible power supply

With the help of EVADA's power supply systems, a significant government event in Southeast Asian nations took place without a hitch on March 14, 2024. 

By addressing the difficulties brought about by the nation's varied topography, particularly in isolated or outdoor event locations, EVADA has offered vital support for the efficient operation of the event's operations. This was never more apparent than in the nation's capital, where high demand occasionally strains the electrical infrastructure. To guarantee a dependable, steady, and high-quality power supply during the event, EVADA worked with the state grid in the area to set up four 300kVA low-frequency UPS units.

With cutting-edge features including output isolation transformer, surge and short circuit protection, and IGBT power components, the EVADA HQ33 low-frequency UPS proved to be adaptable and versatile, allowing the host to react quickly to any potential power outages. A sturdy 1200kVA system was constructed by carefully connecting the four EVADA HQ33 Industrial UPS units in tandem to form independent power backup units. Essential power support for event operations and associated electronic systems across many stations was supplied by this unified structure.

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